April 29, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 17

Week 17 - weekly update includes April vacation fun and our trip to NYC!

Tuesday April 25

Today I took the boys to the studio to take their spring portraits!

Wednesday April 26th

We headed to NYC for a few days.  Once we checked into the hotel we decided to walk down to Central Park and walk around before eating dinner at Todd English Food Hall.
The boys in Central Park

Omi & Grammy take on Central Park
Todd English Food Hall - a little something for everyone!

Thursday April 27th

We had dinner reservations at 5pm and the show didn't start until 7pm so we decided to spend the morning at the Museum of Natural History!  After the museum we had some downtime at the hotel and then headed to dinner at Carmine's.  It was delicious, but you have to be willing to share something with the table.  We ordered Chicken and Eggplant Parm and spaghetti with sausage.  There were so many other dishes I would have tried at this place.  Maybe next time I need to go with a bigger group!

The boys learning about animal evolution
Fun at the museum!

While killing some time before dinner we stopped in at the M&M store and ran into the Blue M&M!
Dinner at Carmine's did not disappoint!

We are ready for the show!
Friday April 28th

We did not have to check out of the hotel until 1pm so we headed our early and went to the Empire State Building.  We had wanted to do the Statue of Liberty, but I didn't plan that out in advance so the Empire State Building, with a view of the Statue of Liberty would have to do!

On the 86th floor!
The 102nd floor observation deck!
All the way to the top!
Shake Shack, the Grandmother's favorite meal of the trip!
Naughty children!

Saturday April 29th 

Back from NYC, and in full Wonka form, Shaun went to a local candy shop to celebrate his friends birthday and make candy!
Shaun's candy creations!
Friends since preschool!

April 22, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 16

Week 16 - weekly update includes Easter, baseball games and the start of our school vacation week!

Sunday April 16th

The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house this morning.

Don't let the Santa jammies fool you, it really was EASTER!
Happy Easter!

Tuesday April 18th

David's first game in the majors!  He had a good night and his team won!

David's first game in the Majors!

Thursday April 20th

A night of baseball!  Shaun and Evan had their first practice tonight!

David had his second Majors baseball game, it was not as great a night for him as his first game, but his team still came out on top!
Struck out looking!

Saturday April 22nd

No baseball because of school vacation week, so we kicked off our vacation with dinner at one of our favorite places Ciao Pasta!

Shaun loves his eggplant!

April 15, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 15

Week 15 - weekly update includes first baseball practice and Easter preparations!

Friday April 14th

David's first practice with the majors!

Saturday April 15th

Look who we ran into!

Coloring eggs!
Thankful for the holiday traditions!

April 8, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 14

Week 14 - weekly update includes the school talent show!

Thursday April 6th

Evan preforms Lemonade Stand for the school talent show!


April 1, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 13

March 26 to April 1st

This week was a blur.  I had board meetings, baseball meetings and helped with the Book Fair and Ice Cream Social at the school and realized I didn't take one single picture!  I knew moving to a weekly posting system was going to be a necessity with how busy life has become for all of us!