October 31, 2007

Unhappy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Last year I borrowed a pumpkin costume and dressed up David and he cried and cried. He finally stopped long enough for me to take a cute picture of him:

This year he cried and cried and didn't stop! I never got around to buying candy this year so David and I just hung out. I had the costume so I figured I could at least get some cute pictures...Oh well! Thankfully the costume was given to me so it's not like my money was wasted!

After I took the costume off - he stopped crying immediately.

October 29, 2007

The Doc's Birthday Present:

Is going to be a little brother or sister for David! Yes we're nuts. We're knocked up again. Today was our first appointment and our first chance to see the little bean. The OB said that the baby is measuring perfect for our due date of: 5/31/08.

Of course the chances of having the baby on the Doc's birthday is about 4% (at least I think that is what I heard somewhere). Today we are 9 weeks and 2 days along which means only 215 days to go! Then three weeks later we move back to the home of the World Series Champions!

On a side note David is short but not stout as he is in the 18th percentile (29.8in) for height and 26th for weight (22lbs). Our Ped said that David is healthy and happy and right on schedule for his milestones...even though the Doc seems to think he is slow (you know because he isn't reading Marcel Proust yet). So that is our news and we're really excited!

After watching David with Cameron earlier this month I knew he would be OK. He was so cute with the new baby he patted his head and looked at me and smiled. He said "Oh"! Then he proceeded to gently bounce him in the chair. However, that could all change when the new baby doesn't leave at the end of the night!

October 28, 2007


David finally got the best of Trot today. He was able to sneak up and touch his nose before Trot bolted - he's such a wimp.

Here is another cute picture I took today of him playing with his building blocks.

Tomorrow we are going to David's 15 month check up - I know right in just 12 days he will be 15 months old. Crazy! It just means that we are that much closer to moving back to New England. I will post his stats tomorrow - but I am pretty sure you could say he's short and stout!

October 25, 2007

Stephie at the World Series...

My friend Stephie is at Fenway Park getting ready to watch game 2 of the World Series. Lucky!

Go Sox...I told the Doc I may have to divorce him so I can marry Josh Beckett!

October 21, 2007

Come on Sox!

We have our rally caps on!

Check out David in his new Sox tee (from Maddie's Nonnie) doing his TD signal!

October 17, 2007

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha

David loves to brush his own teeth! I have to sing the "Ipana Toothpaste" song (you know the one from Grease) in order for him to do it but it works!!

Our friend Rob (who is currently in Dental School) will be so proud!

October 16, 2007


So I know it's now Tuesday but I am still recovering from the past weekend in NH. We got to spend the day on Saturday with our friends and meet the newest member of the clan Cam. I couldn't get over the "infant" cry - it is so different from the toddler whine!

Cameron (one of the few times with his eyes open)

David had so much fun at the Stack's. He was able to run around in the back yard and play with Brady. It was so cute to watch David follow Brady around. He also got to enjoy the really sweet playroom that they have set up right off their living room. Check out the new toy David just fell in love with. It was a lucky find for Erica at a yard sale. I think we'll be looking into something like this he seems to like sitting in chairs!

David was also able to spend some time with his Auntie Kristin. She was kind enough to watch him for us a couple times over the weekend so we could run errands and have "adult" time. She was even kinder to us when at 1am we realized we didn't have our house key. We had to wake her up from a sound sleep by ringing the doorbell a number of times and banging on her window!! Thankfully she heard us right away and let us in! What a great SIL! The best part was being able to sleep in a little because she got him when he woke up and played with him!

On Sunday we headed to the North Shore for Ben & Robyn's baby shower. The drive was nostalgic for me since I went to college out that way. We had a great time and got to watch the Patriots kick some Dallas behind! Unfortunately since the game was on at 4:15pm we didn't leave MA until the game was over - arriving in Philly at 1:20am.

David decided that he didn't really want to sleep which meant that I couldn't sleep. I am paying for it now...I am SO tired! Oh well...it was worth it because we had so much fun seeing everyone. Only 247 days until we move back home!

October 7, 2007

Daddy's Helper

With the big move 254 days from now - the Doc has been working hard to get the house in order. Our stairs are almost finished and now he is working on patching up some sheetrock. Since the stairs were attached to the wall we had some holes in our bathroom that needed some repair. Little did I know that I married Bob Vila. The Doc is turning into quite the handyman. If this whole cardiology thing doesn't pan out well he may just have a future in carpentry!

David was very interested in helping out his Daddy.

Even Drew wanted in on the action

Here is David watching Daddy fill the hole.

October 6, 2007

L'eggo My Eggo

David loves Eggo Waffles. I bought the Eggo Mini Waffles because they were four small waffles instead of one large one. Check out these pictures to see how much he enjoyed them: