March 30, 2008

It's Official - Want to Buy a House!

Our house is officially on the market. We have already had two showings and gotten some good feedback from our Realtor. He was really happy we decided to install the pergo floors in the rest of the bedrooms. I have to say that I am too impressed by the amazing difference it made especially in the third bedroom!

The "before" pictures were taken during our walk through before we closed on the house June 3rd 2005. The after pictures we took a couple weeks ago for the Real Estate Listing.


The Living Room from the front door view:

The Living Room from the Kitchen view:

In the Living Room we painted, added a chair rail and stained the woodwork a dark walnut color. Our Realtor told us that while a lot of people may change the colors - he likes it because it gives the room "texture" and a "homey feel".


The Kitchen from the living room:

This kitchen is the reason that I wanted to buy this house. I love our cabinet space the layout and counter space! On the other side of the dishwasher there are bar stools - so the counter also serves as a breakfast bar! The curtains came with the house and we liked the look so we kept them and added the curtain on the back door.


The full bath:

The full bath has a jacuzzi style tub - which at first I thought was cool but I only used it a handful of times. We didn't change much in this room either - just a new coat of paint.


The Master Bedroom:

In this room we added the really nice vertical shades - mostly because the cats broke the horizontal ones. The vertical blinds not only look nicer, in my opinion, but they give the cats easier access to sit in the windows. We also painted and installed the pergo. The carpet color wasn't bad in this room - but it's amazing how much bigger it looks now that it's pergo.

The Second Bedroom (David's Room):

We painted and added the pergo floors to this room as well. We decided to keep David's room simple since we knew we would be selling eventually. This room would make a nice bedroom for any age or an office depending on what the next buyer sees fit.

The Third Bedroom (our guest room/computer room):

In my opinion this room changed the most just by adding the pergo and the nice blue paint color. This room is nice because the sunlight really shines in the late afternoon and it's just so warm and inviting because of that. The carpet was hideous in this room - makes me sad we didn't do the pergo sooner so we could have enjoyed it more!

There you have it our house! While I am excited to be moving back home to Boston - I am truly going to miss this house. In the short time we lived here we have made it a home!

March 27, 2008

Fun in the Tub:

Thanks to a visit from his cousin Cohen - David loves to play in the tub!

March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Look at what the Easter Bunny left for David! He was so excited to see his new Elmo's World DVD and Elmo Bath Toys:

March 15, 2008

New PJ's

Today David and I hung out while Daddy was on call in the CCU. We headed over to the mall to walk around and do some shopping. Since it was early and not very crowded I decided to let David walk around. He wandered over to the Easter Bunny area and saw the Easter Bunny sitting on a bench. I had no intentions of taking David to get pictures done especially after the Santa debacle but he started to wave.

I thought maybe he would sit for a picture. David keeps waving from the aisle and the Easter Bunny waves back. I asked him if he would like to sit with the Bunny for a picture. He looked at me and said "No, No NOOOOOOO!" and kept shaking his head. I guess he only liked the Bunny from far away! He even said bye to the Bunny as we walked away. Weird.

Before heading home we stopped at my favorite store for PJ's (the Carter's Outlet) to see what the spring sales were and I found these really cute PJ's. They say "crabby" on the front! I couldn't resist. Here are some pictures of David being silly and having some fun tonight with Mommy! The last picture is David showing me where his "button" is!

March 12, 2008

28 Weeks: Need I say More:

pregnancy cartoon

I am going to turn into a beached whale again...I am so hungry all the time. I won't tell you that when I confided my concerns to the Doc he proceeded to MOO at me. I suppose he is lucky my sense of humor is still in place with all these prego hormones!!

I guess if I am that worried I will take the advice of the doctor from the last pregnancy who told me to replace my M&M's (although this time it's Snickers bars) with carrot sticks!

March 5, 2008

No More Sippy Cup

I picked up David from daycare on Monday and was told by his teacher that I no longer needed to bring his sippy cup every day. He now drinks from a plastic cup provided by the school. Since we want to be consistent with what he does at school I got him some new cups. We had a few spills but amazingly he is very coordinated. Check out our big boy drinking from a big boy cup.

March 3, 2008

New Floors:

My brother David, Krystal and Cohen came to visit with us this weekend to help us install some pergo floors in our guest bedroom and master bedroom. Our realtor said it would make a huge difference when putting the house on the market if we could do pergo in the rest of the rooms as we did for David's room.

With my brother's help we were able to do both rooms for less than we paid for David's room. Let me tell you - they look AWESOME! It's amazing how much bigger the rooms look. Check out some before and after pictures (since I forgot to take before pictures these will have to do)

Guest Room Before: (well way before - look how little David is - but it's the only picture I could find!)

Guest Room After: (if you look really close at the corner you can see the old carpet)

Master Bedroom Before:

Master Bedroom After:

David had so much fun with his cousin Cohen this weekend. He was a little selfish sometimes with his toys but it's the first time he's been the "big" kid in his own house. For the most part they had fun. David even got in the tubby when he saw how much fun Cohen was having.

Thanks guys for all the help! The floors are awesome and I really do think it will make all the difference in helping us sell this place!