June 30, 2007

David's First Pair of Sneaks!

Now that David has become a pro at cruising and even stands on his own for a good 15 seconds before sitting down on his bum - I decided it was time to get him some sneakers. I got him a really cool pair of Nike sneaks on sale.

I put them on when we got home to let him get used to the feel. He looks like such a big boy and it's even helping with his balance. He stood in the store for a good minute before sitting back down.

June 29, 2007

Maddie's Going to Be a Big Sister!

We recently found out that David's buddy Maddie is going to be a big sister! We're so excited for all of them. The official due date is January 5, 2008 but don't be surprised if this is a Christmas Baby! Congratulations!

June 27, 2007

In the Kitchen

Who needs to buy toys when you have empty soda boxes?

David just loves to climb up and around and over EVERYTHING!

Tonight he decided to help Daddy unload the dishwasher. That's our a little helper!

Check out all four of his bottom teeth! He has three more on top! Can you believe that there is only 42 days until our little man turns one!

June 21, 2007

A Feast Fit for a King

Well it's official - David is no longer interested in eating baby food. We sort of knew it was coming. He tried a hot dog at our cookout and loved it. He looked at his jar of baby food and then looked at our dinner - his facial expression said "Um yeah right mom and dad - as if I am going to sit back while I eat a jar of crap and you enjoy that delicious homemade cheese quesadilla"

We decided to try frozen peas and carrots. He loved being able to feed himself and it meant that the Doc and I could eat in peace! Since he did so well with the veggies we decided to try some chicken nuggets. I couldn't cut them up fast enough. Last night he even tried Chinese food. He loved the chicken and broccoli just like Daddy!

Tonight was his first complete dinner on a plate and he managed to eat most of it before picking up the plate and turning it upside down. It's stuffed chicken (stove top cornbread stuffing with some Italian blend cheese mixed in) and corn on the cob. Once he realized he could gnaw on the cob he went to town!

June 20, 2007

I love that dirty water

Down by the River...
Down by the banks of the River Charles
(Oh, that's what's happenin' baby)
That's where you'll find me
Along with lovers, muggers, and thieves.
(Ahh, but they're cool people)
I love that dirty water
'Oh oh, Boston, you're my home

I am excited to annouce that the Doc matched for a fellowship in cardiology at Boston Medical Center. Terrier hockey tickets anyone?!

June 19, 2007

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Cross your fingers! We find out at noon tomorrow! Come on Boston!

June 18, 2007

All in a Day's Work

As David has grown older and more "interactive", he has decided to try to help us out by participating in the daily chores (since no one else in the house does them). Here were a few shots P.S. took of him in action.

Here is a picture after one of Mommy's many spills. David decided the best way to help clean it up was to empty an entire box of tissues and spread them out over the floor to get every last drop. Just look at the smile on his face at a job well done.

Here is David stacking our soda cans. Seeing as he is a super-midget, and these cans weigh more than he does, he accomplishes this lifting feat by working out on the "ant" weight-lifting program, with the goal of lifting 50x his own body weight. We did have to tell him to put the refrigerator down, though.

After he feeds himself chicken nuggets and bite sized pieces of asparagus (no joke - and boy does that make his diaper smell great), David is considerate enough to put his high chair away until his next meal.

And after a job well done, David recharges by downing a cup of coffee.

June 17, 2007

June 15, 2007

My Big Boy!

Last Saturday my baby turned 10 months old! He is turning into such a big boy. Of course it became even more apparent when I held my Niece Savanah and Nephew Cohen. They still have the infant cry.

He is such a hoot. He is getting into ALL kinds of trouble and he just thinks he is hilarious! Check out some new pictures of my big boy taking a bath in the sink at MIL's; eating real food (that would be a chicken nugget from Chic Fil A), and smiling and waving at his mommy!

June 12, 2007

Big Family Cookout

So as promised here are some more pictures of our fun filled weekend of cookouts. This was Sunday at my parents house.

June 11, 2007

Fun in the Sun BBQ's

We're back from a fun filled weekend in NH. It was great to be able to see everyone. David especially had fun showing off his new tricks.

On Saturday the Stacks hosted our first annual Fun in the Sun (well rain actually) BBQ. Although mother nature wasn't in the mood to cooperate the BBQ was a sucess. Check out the fabulous spread we had.

We had a ton of great food and some great dessert but personally I loved the the Margaritas!

The kids had a great time too! Check out Mackenzie, Brady and David...

We all had a great time andeveryone was a great sport about posing for the camera!

I can't wait to do it again! Stay tuned for more pictures and more updates but now it's time to say goodnight!

June 7, 2007

My Civic Duty

Today I did my civic duty - showed up at the Criminal Justice Center on 13th and Filbert Street - sat in a room with a whole bunch of people until they called my name - went upstairs and watched a video and waited some more until they decided they no longer needed me - they gave me my $9 check and I was on my way.

Yup that's right I had Jury Duty!

How lucky was I that (1) I was chosen for a criminal case panel where the defendant took the plea bargain and (2) they didn't need to "recycle" us back into the pool. I was done by 10:45! I can not be called upon again for a whole year and hopefully by then I will be living in another city! What luck!

June 5, 2007

Save the Date!

We finally got the Doc's schedule for his third and final year of residency! So now it's time to start planning for our biggest event of the summer! David's Birthday Spectacular!

So save the date - August 25, 2007! What better way to close out the summer than with a big bash thrown by yours truly and you all know I LOVE to throw a good party!