June 27, 2006

Stretch Marks and Stupid People

Magically overnight stretch marks have appeared on my belly. I was so excited that this "symptom" had passed me by and thought with 6 weeks to go I was off the hook...WRONG! One day there was nothing and now lines everywhere! Like the Doc took a red marker and drew squiggly lines...if only he did...I tried to "wipe" them away but they're real and here to stay.

Moving onto my rant about stupid people. I don't know if it’s that people really ARE that stupid or I am over sensitive because I am really pregnant, have new stretch marks, eating like “Hungry, Hungry Hippo” in freakin' 2000% humidity...I don't know. You know that saying that stupid people should have to wear a sign…I have never agreed more with that statement.

Stupid Person #1:
After work the Doc and I head over to the grocery store. We're ready to check out head over to the register with no line – just a lady finishing up...or so we thought. She had issues with Hi-C that she thought was on special - it wasn't and so she bitched and we waited while someone went on an expedition to find this so called special. You would think the cashier (a 17 year old girl - super uninterested in working) would say to us “it will just be a minute” or “sorry for the wait”...nothing. Finally it’s our turn…she beings checking us out and in the process she keeps looking over at the other cashier paying no attention to bagging our groceries or sending them down the belt so I could bag them. At one point stopping her scanning and asking the other girl “What just happened, what’s going on?” She wants to know the gossip that is happening two registers over. ARGH. I swear we were there for 10 minutes.

Stupid Person #2:
In the great city of Philadelphia they don’t let you take shopping carts into the parking lots so you have to pull your car to the curb and load the groceries. While we are loading them some kid on a bike pulls up next to our car (which is pretty close to the curb) and sits there. Once we are done I say to him “excuse me” so I can get into the car and he stands there in the same spot but moves his bike a smidgen. Completely in my way, I literally have to squeeze my fat pregnant ass into the Docs Toyota Celica while the kid just stands there watching…as if I will magically turn into a size two in order to fit in the car. Are you kidding me? WTF?

Stupid Person #3:
The Doc wants coffee and being so hot lately I feel like an iced coffee too. We go to the drive thru and order (1) small iced coffee with milk and one equal and (1) medium hot coffee with milk and two equals – a pretty simple order. We drive around as instructed and wait for a few minutes and she opens the window hands us the coffees and says $3.95. We’re like what??!! The Doc asks “Are you sure, because it’s only a small iced and medium hot?” She says “Yup - $3.95”. So we give her four dollars and she hands him a nickel. Meanwhile the Doc says to the lady “my hot coffee is $1.49. You mean to tell me that the small iced coffee is $2.46??” She says “Yup” and the Doc again says “Are you sure – that seems like an awful lot?” She says with tone “YEAH I’m sure.” She then turns to her co-worker and says “A small iced is $2.50, right?” and he says “No, it’s $1.89”. She apologizes and as she walked back to the register we overheard the co-worker say with a chuckle “how long have you been working here?” I apparently missed that comment because I was too busy bitching that I could’ve gotten a tall frappaccino at Starbuck for that price. The Doc’s next comment is “I should’ve given her the nickel back because she’ll never figure the change out”. And so we waited. And waited. And the person behind us made faces. She hands the Doc a stack of change and at this point were not even sure if it was correct but we had been there for what seemed like a millennia and didn’t give a damn.

So you be the judge – am I just super sensitive to peoples stupidity or are these three people really that effin’ stupid?

June 22, 2006

P. Sophie's A Baby Story: Will This Ever End?!

Ok so almost 34 weeks now and I'm tired of this. It feels like I have been pregnant FOREVER!! Will this ever end? I have about 6 weeks left and I am tired, hot, achy, fat, swollen, peeing more than ever & my back hurts. As you can see from the picture my feet are swollen and they have been much worse lately, can't fit in my shoes by the end of the day.

The weather here doesn't help either - today it hit 91 degrees and the humidity was oppressive. I pretty much have the central air cranked 24/7. The Doc joked the other night that it was so cold in our house he thought about going down to the basement and putting on his snowpants. Meanwhile - I am sweating so bad I sit in a tank top and underwear.

If I have one more person look at me and say "Are you sure there is only ONE baby in there?" or "Really, you still have until August?" I may have to hurt someone...and it won't be pretty!! I get it, I have a big giant belly. It's so big now I now have some nice stretch marks. If I am that big and look as though I am going to "pop" any moment then why don't any of you offer me a seat on the train?! Yeah that's right - no one offers me there seat on the train and so I end up standing for six stops. I HATE the bus! The Doc is a saint and will give me a ride whenever he can. Unfortunately for me that isn't very often...so the bus it is until I go out on maternity leave.

I don't want to be pregnant anymore...anyone who says that this is such a magical, womanly, beautiful time in my life can kiss my big fat behind. The last thing that I am feeling right now is beautiful. Nine months is too long - why can't babies cook in 6 months. I felt great then! Eight weeks ago you could've told me that this is a beautiful time in my life without getting the right hook to the face!

Well there is my rant for the day...but I suppose if this is what I have to go through in order to finally meet the little guy...well then it will all be worth it!

June 17, 2006

The Nursery: Phase 3

Well it is coming along more slowly than I had hoped but not only do we have a changing table and a crib, but now we have an armoire. All we need is the glider. The glider we want is out of stock at the warehouse and none of the local Babies "R" Us stores had it. I guess that means it's popular.

We almost didn't get the armoire we wanted either. It has since been discontinued and no one seemed to have it in stock. In two days we had been to three of the four Babies 'R' Us stores that are local to us. We ended up getting it at the Cherry Hill, NJ store. We were hoping to get it in tax free Delaware (which is where we bought the stroller) but no such luck. We came home and the Doc began assembling the unit. While he worked on that I began the unpacking/organizing of all the great baby items we received at our baby shower.

I took all the baby clothes, sheets and receiving blankets and washed them with Dreft the baby laundry detergent and then proceeded to fold and put them away. All of the onesies were folded and put in the drawer directly below the changing table I figured that since that is what he'll be wearing most of the time I should have them in a convenient location. The armoire has a hanging feature and some of the clothes were hung up. Pajamas and T-shirts were placed in the armoires drawers. It's not as anally color coordinated as Brian's but at least they're hung up, put away and sort of organized. At least that makes one room in the house!

As you can see from the pictures we have a nursery in progress. We still have some work to do. We (well mostly the Doc) are currently working on fixing up the closet so that it can be used for toy storage and more clothes and odds and ends. We bought some rubbermaid tubs and the Doc put up a new hanging rack with a shelf and then another shelf below. It isn't quite finished yet which is why there is no picture. It looks nice so far and we are looking forward to finishing the room in time for the arrival of the little guy. More updates to come.

Next Update - attack of the swollen ankles!

June 6, 2006

Happy Parents to Be:

So the Baby Shower was a great success even with the rain. It was cozy to say the least. Mom and MIL did a fantastic job and it was everything I was hoping for! And even though I knew the date they managed to squeeze in some surprises for me.

The day started off great I got pampered at the Soleil Salon in Windham, NH. My cousin and I went for pedicures and then I got my hair done. After that she took me to the mall to visit my Aunt who works at Clinique and couldn't make it to the shower. So while we were visiting I asked her if she would mind doing my make up! I felt like a million bucks which is hard when you're 31 weeks pregnant and your ankles are the size of apples.

Once I was pampered it was time to get to the shower and since it wasn't a surprise I just had to show up. With the rain everyone we all got cozy in my parents living room and it was actually quite nice. Thanks to all the lovely gifts from all of our friends and family we got everything that we needed!

The fun part was packing it into the car and getting it all back to Philly. Thanks to some consolidating by my SIL, the Doc and me we managed to pack pretty much everything. We still have some items to pick up at the store which we have gift card for and that was probably what saved us the most space in our car!

We started to put some of the items together and once we get the rest of the furniture we will be able to start organizing and finishing the nursery! 63 days left before Baby David will make his entrance into the world! Thanks everyone for all the wonderful stuff.

June 3, 2006

A Baby "Shower"

So today is our Baby Shower! Hooray! I can't wait to see everyone - but most important than that is I can't wait to see what presents they bring!! (wink). Oh you know I am just kidding about that!

The shower is all thanks to my mom and MIL. They have been working really hard with all the planning and keeping me out of the loop as much as they can. Apparently the fact that I even know it is today (because this was the Doc's only free weekend) is too much information that I have.

The bummer - the forecast in NH is for 57 degrees - rain heavy at times (possible accumulation 1 inch) - and wind upto 15mph. So much for that nice cookout weather from last weekend. It's like a shock to the system considering the hot, sticky, steamy, wicked humid 90 degree weather we have in Philly (today in Philly it will be 70 and cloudy and maybe an afternoon shower).

I suppose it's called a Baby "Shower" for a reason, right!