December 31, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 52

Week 52: The final week of 2017 was filled with all the traditions that come with Christmas and New Years!  It's been a wonderful year!

Sunday December 24th 

I love the traditions of this night.  Family staying over, luminaries, the new pajamas, reading Twas the Night Before Christmas before bed and waiting for Santa to arrive!

The boys put on a concert with some Christmas songs and other pieces they're learning.
Traditional Christmas Pajamas!

A little late this year, but the annual glowing Christmas tree portrait!

The traditional reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas before bed!

Monday December 25th

A Christmas morning snowstorm, lots of great presents from Santa and family, warm gooey cinnamon rolls for breakfast and time with family.  We could not have asked for a more perfect day!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday December 27th

The Last Jedi!

Thursday December 28th 

They're going to pick up the pieces and build a Simpson's Lego House!

Saturday December 30th 

We met our Cape Cod family for a Christmas lunch!  

Sunday December 31st 

Happy New Year!

The End of 2017

December 23, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 51

Week 51: this weekly update includes Evan's STEM project, Christmas baking, passports and winter weather!

Sunday December 17th

Evan's finished STEM challenge project an Elf Zip Line!

Tuesday December 19th

Have passport will travel!

Saturday December 23rd 

The annual making of the neighborhood cinnamon rolls!  Delivery got a little dicey when the ice storm came rolling in.

The tree on our street after we decided we'd finish delivering cinnamon rolls tomorrow!

December 16, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 50

Week 50: this weekly update is all about snow, swimming, first middle school concert, academic achievements and Christmas celebrations!

Sunday December 10

Snow and Swim meets!


Shaun finally earning some ducks by winning his heats!

Tuesday December 12th

SNOW DAY!  It ended up being kind of a bust, so we escaped the house for some lunch and to do some Christmas shopping!

Lunch at our favorite!

Silly fun at Target!

Wednesday December 13th 

David's first middle school concert!  He's playing saxaphone in the band and cello in the orchestra!

6th Grade Holiday Concert


Thursday December 14th

Today was the academic achievement ceremony for the 6th grade.  David's having a great year so far and he is really enjoying middle school.

Ugly Sweater Baseball League Christmas Party!

My Hostess Partner in Crime!

December 9, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 49

Week 49: this weekly update is Friendsgiving, teaching David some of my quick and easy recipes so he can help with nightly dinners on busy nights, Evan's STEM project and Elf the Musical in a snowstorm!

Sunday December 3rd

David and his friend enjoy delicious turkey legs at Friendsgiving!

Tuesday December 5th 

David earns his keep!

Thursday December 7th

Charlie helping Evan build his Elf zip line for the Family STEM project that was sent him in December.

Saturday December 9th 

A snow won't crush our Christmas Spirit!

Elf the Musical!

Winter Wonderland!

December 2, 2017

52 Weeks ~ 2017: Week 48

Week 48: this weekly update is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and hanging with friends!

Sunday November 26th 

Let the Christmas season begin!

Not counting my tree, this is my favorite Christmas decoration! I'm ready for my cards!

Friday December 1st

Friends coming over off the bus!