June 22, 2019

12M ~ June 2019

The NH Swim School & Swim NH Blue Dolphins Swim Team tie dyed towels last night in preparation for the summer season!

This morning is the first meet at Rollins Park! I hope the water is warmer than the 60 degree air...brrrr! At least the sun is shining this year!

June 12, 2019

12M ~ June 2019

Today was Shaun's very last All School Meeting at BGS. The 5th grade always hosts this one and it's designed in a way to be a big celebration of all the 5th graders.  I can't believe that my middle is off to middle school! 😭😭😭

In classic Shaun fashion, during the memory sharing segment of the All School Meeting, he told the story about that one time in 4th grade when he got his head stuck in the hole on the back of his chair and his teacher didn't think she would be able to get him out. 🤣😂🤣 Good luck Rundlett! 🤣

Shaun waiting to present at the All School Meeting.

I want you to be happier!

Me and my Middle!

Shaun & his friend

Shaun's 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Foley!

Evan and his 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Elefante - they were twins!

June 6, 2019

12M ~ June 2019

7th & 8th Grade Chrous

David's chorus teacher Mr. Greene's last concert.  He retired at the end of the school year. 

May 31, 2019

12M ~ May 2019

Shaun played trombone today with the band to kick off the schools annual Walk-A-Thon!

May 27, 2019

12M ~ May 2019

David participated in his first parade with the middle school marching band today!  It was so cool to watch him play!

May 22, 2019

12M ~ May 2019

Shaun's 5th Grade Boston Field Trip!  This is such a great field trip and one I don't mind chaperonning!

It's a gorgeous day to be in Boston!

We had such a great tour guide!

Mrs. Foley's Class

Shaun and Bernie found each other at the end of the day!

After we got back from Boston, we rushed over to Evan's make-up baseball game!

So proud of Evan! He had a great game tonight! He hit his first big single off the kid pitcher and then ran to second on an over throw. He scored a run when his teammate got a hit. So much improvement this year from him! He said it's the lucky new pants and socks! But I think it's all thanks to his great coaches! ⚾

May 20, 2019

12M ~ May 2019

Shaun's last elementary school concert!  It was such a great show and I may or may not shed a tear or two...

The music teachers had kids playing piano before the concert began.  Mood music while we waited for the show to start!

Shaun's last time playing cello, he's sticking with the trombone and doing chorus next year.

African drumming!

We are so lucky to have two amazing music teachers working with our kids!  These teachers are the reason my boys love theater and music so much!
Mrs. Hamilton

Mr. Hoefs

May 18, 2019

12M ~ May 2019

I just love baseball season!  This year we only have two kids playing, Shaun decided to add an extra swim team practice.

Evan is having a great year and he has gained so much confidence in his playing lately. So proud of his hardwork and determination to become a better ball player!

Evan's awesome hit...the 3rd baseman ended up making a great catch on the hit, but we were still so proud of him for making contact!

David is in his last year of Cal Ripken, next season he'll move up to Babe Ruth.  I'm going to miss watching him play games at Sanel.

Always ready to listen to his coach!

May 16, 2019

12M ~ May 2019

This year we all decided to participate in the annual Rock 'N Race in town! We brought Evan's friend with us and had a little fun before and after! I had just started working on getting back into shape and running is just not my jam, but I jogged and walked the 5K race and finished in just under 50 minutes! I'm proud of myself for doing it instead of just hanging back at the finish line!

Ready to Rock 'N Race!

At the start with a fun photobomb from a race volunteer!

They did it!  Nice job!

I did it!  And I didn't die!
A little mexican to celebrate our achievements!

May 12, 2019

12M ~ May 2019

Happy Mother's Day! I always enjoy spending Mother's Day with some of my favorite moms. It was a perefect day that started with bootcamp with friends and brunch with family and ended with cat snuggles, some peace and quiet so I could finish listening to a Game of Thrones podcast and some lobster mac & cheese from O's! Now I am ready for episode 5 of Game of Thrones (well as ready as anyone can be when it comes to Game of Thrones...😭)

My favorite moms!

Love being a mom!

May 9, 2019

12M ~ May 2019

Shaun made the JV Krypto Team and got a cool t-shirt out of it!

May 4, 2019

12M ~ May 2019

The cats loved my Mom Prom dress!

These two are off to celebrate their friends Bar Mitzvah

May 3, 2019

12M ~ May 2019

Evan shows off his project on his Eco System his class science fair!

Tonight I headed to Mom Prom with some great moms to benefit Hearts for Kindness!  It was a glow theme and I decided to go 80's with my dress!