July 14, 2014

Independence Day Festivities 2014

Saturday we headed to see some local fireworks, the icing on the cake to the Independence Day celebrations, which started on July 5th with our annual cookout with our friends.  And of course, it's all documented in photo form!

July 4th it rained.  It poured.  It was basically a washout of a day.  So we hung at home and ordered some Chinese food.  The storm was clearing just in time for our annual cookout with our friends.  Of course, no July 4th is complete without the annual Old Navy Flag Tee picture!

Just look how much they have grown:
On July 5th, as the meteorologist predicted, the weather was picture perfect!  We headed to our friends house and the kids immediately jumped into the pool!

Evan just chilling!
The kids had so much fun swimming!  It wasn't hot enough outside to get me in the pool this year!
The traditional menu is steak and lobster!  The kids always get a kick out of seeing the lobsters before they are cooked.

Thomas is NOT impressed!
Steak, lobster, orzo salad, and my strawberry iced tea (of the Long Island variety!)
We had desserts and then toasted marshmallows with the kids before the men got the stuff ready for sparklers and the fireworks display!

Ready for cake!
Isabella was sad she didn't get any lobster!
The handsome 4 year olds!
Thomas ready to toast his marshmallow!
This IS summer!
Nicholas ready preparing his marshmallow
Can you believe these two will be THIRD graders?!

Gotta get some pictures of the grown ups too!


Ready for the fireworks!
Moe, Larry and Curly get the show started!
Ooooh!  Ahhh!
July 6th, the boys and I went to my parents camp to celebrate my Mom's birthday!  It was another gorgeous day and the kids enjoyed swimming in the pool and having cake with Grammy!
Ready, set, GO!
Boys of Summer!
Uncle David helps toast marshmallows!
S'mores = Summer!

Happy Birthday Mom!
Because of the rain we were not able to see the local fireworks we had planned to see, and since most towns rescheduled for when we would be at our cookout I was glad to see a sign for another local town having them on the 12th!  We had been to these fireworks before, they were really great.  They host a carnival at the middle school and shoot off the fireworks at dusk.  Since it was the 250th anniversary of the town, the display was extra big!  And it was one of the best local fireworks displays I have ever seen!

Evan riding the train!
Grammy is a good sport for taking the boys on a ride that I didn't want to go on!
Looks like they all had fun!
Last ride before we got our seats for the fireworks!

Poor kiddo was beat!  He fell asleep as soon as I left the parking lot!

Happy Birthday America!  We hope you had as much as we did!

June 26, 2014

Shaun 6.0

Our Shaunie is SIX!  He had his 6 year check up on Tuesday and had another major growth spurt!  He's grown 4 1/4 inches in the last year!  And we measured him back in April and he grew 2 of those inches over the last 2 months.  I thought his shirts were looking shorter on him.

HEIGHT: 48 inches (89th percentile!)
WEIGHT: 54 pounds (86th percentile)

The Birthday Boy!
We had some scheduled baseball games and practices on his actual birthday so we celebrated the following day.  He chose to have dinner at his favorite restaurant, El Rodeo.  He LOVES their chips and salsa!

Yummy chips and dip!
Birthday Chicken Taco!
After dinner we headed home, I had stopped a bakery and picked up some desserts for his "birthday cake".  He had the chocolate cheesecake muffin.

Happy Birthday to you...
Make a Wish!

Turning 6 would not be complete without his well check.  He's healthy and growing and that is all that matters.

Super tall!
Vision check - still 20/20 (for now!)
Someone just found out he was up to date on his shots!
A week after his birthday he finished his year in Kindergarten.  He's reading above grade level and aside from some issues with having the silly's when he should be focused on learning, he did great this year!  Next year he's off to FIRST grade and he'll be in school all day, it will be an interesting transition since he still went down for a nap most afternoons.  He didn't always fall asleep but most of the time he did.  We're working on getting him adjusted to an all day schedule this summer.

He is still a constant ray of sunshine and really just a happy kid.  He makes friends with anyone he meets and loves to march to the beat of his own drum.  I'm looking forward to seeing what six brings for Shaun!

June 23, 2014

Schools Out for Summer!

We are officially in summer vacation.  It is hard to believe that another school year has gone by.  I'm going to be honest, not having to set my alarm is pretty awesome.  After a super busy "kick of to summer vacation" this weekend the boys even slept in a little this morning.

The last week of school was also pretty busy with parties, popcorn making for the entire school, and success nights.  Evan's celebrations were up first since his last day was on Monday June 16th.  His class had an outdoor ice cream party and the parents were invited to come and hang out.  We found out a the week before school got out that Evan's teacher would not be returning next school.  She also taught Shaun last year.  I am sure that Evan will no doubt wrap his new teacher around his finger as he does with almost every grown up he encounters.

Evan and his teacher Ms. Anne
Last Day of (his first year at) Preschool
On Tuesday night, Shaun had his Kindergarten success night.  We had Omi come up to watch David and Evan so that we could take just Shaun out and so we could celebrate just him.  We did the same thing for David when he had his Kindergarten success night.  First we headed to the school to watch the different classes preform a couple songs they had learned during the year.  Shaun's class sang about an apple tree.

Mrs. McKenna's morning and afternoon sections of Kindergarten preform their song
After the mini-concert we headed to Shaun's classroom where we got to see his portfolio.  He showed us some of the stories he had written and his alphabet and number books.
Shaun's portfolio
And no success night would be complete without a special dinner with Mom and Dad.  Shaun's original choice was Wendy's but since we had some time we were able to convince him to choose a different place.  His number one favorite restaurant is El Rodeo.  He LOVES their chips and salsa!
Chips and Salsa all for Shaun!
Me and my "almost" First Grader!
Shaun and Daddy!
On Wednesday June 18th, it was David's turn to have his success night.  It was bitter sweet for me since he will no longer be a student at the Mill Brook.  Next year he'll attend Broken Ground for grades 3-5.  We dropped Shaun and Evan off at a friends and headed to get some Chinese food (David's choice!) for dinner before heading over to see all his work.

David and Dad!
Me and my "almost" Third Grader!
David's Success Night feast!
After dinner we headed over to the school to check out his work.  He had some of his art work on display and his favorite journal entries.

Welcome to Success Night!
Dave's portfolio!
David and his teacher Mrs. Moore!
Last time at Mill Brook - I might have cried, but I have two more still there!
And that brings us to June 19th, the last day of school.  The year seemed to fly by.  It was a pretty low key day and of course Shaun was bouncing off the walls.  Even on the last day of school he was asked to take a couple breaks.  I'm thankful for the teacher he had this year, she knew just how to work with his spirit without crushing it.

Last time being picked up, next year he'll ride the bus to and from school.
Shaun's awesome teacher (David had her too, I wonder if we'll go 3 for 3!)
Last Day of Kindergarten!
Last Day of 2nd Grade!
Even though it's totally cliche to say, my babies are growing up so fast!  Just look at the side by side of the first and last days.