April 7, 2015

Happy Easter!

Easter felt a little more like Winter this year than Spring but we still had a great day celebrating with our family!  As we do every year, the boys spent some time the night before decorating some eggs.  We decided to keep it very simple and stick with the cheap dye tablets, but they still had fun!

Keeping things simple
Ready to dye some eggs!
Old school wax crayon decorating
The boys woke up and saw their Easter treats!  We love that the Easter Bunny thinks of mom and dad too and brings us a dark chocolate bunny and some truffles!

Charlie had to work for the morning so he was off and I left to start prep on all the yummy food.  I got the big ham in the oven and then started working on some housekeeping before our family arrived!  We had lots of yummy appetizers, Easter mojitos (made with marshmallow vodka and lemonade!), two kinds of ham (baked and spiral), a leg of lamb, spring peas in a bacon cream sauce, candied yams and mashed potatoes!  Everything was delicious per usual!

My sisters Easter Bunny bread bowl!
Baked Ham
Spiral Ham
This years Easter Carver
My favorite sous chef!
After our delicious meal, it was time for the annual egg hunt.  Unfortuantely because it was so wet out in the yard (and there was still quite a bit of snow!) we had to have the egg hunt indoors this year.

Ready to find some eggs!

And no family event is complete without a family picture!
Happy Easter!
Or dessert!

Butterfly cupcakes by my cousin Jodi!
Coconut Bird Nests (that I coat in dark chocolate!)
Carrot Cake

March 22, 2015

Seussical, Jr.

Last November David came home with a flyer from school with information about auditioning for the school play.  The form had lyrics to a song and a monologue from the show to learn and preform for his audition.  Every since he saw the play last year he had been talking about wanting to maybe try it.  Then I saw the time commitment and I made him look me in the eye and tell me that he was serious and ready to take this on!  He not only promised me that he was sure he really impressed me the day before his audition with his monologue!  He wouldn't let us work with him so I wasn't sure what to expect!

So on November 14th David got word that he made the play!  They only take 65 kids and very few of them were 3rd graders (I think only 7!).  The smile on his face when he got off the bus said it all!  He began his rehearsals after Thanksgiving break and then there was a second round of auditions for parts.  He found out before Christmas that he was cast as one of the Wickersham Brothers.

For the last 3 months he has worked after school 3 days a week with this group and this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday was the big show!  I was blown away!  These kids are THIRD, FOURTH, & FIFTH graders!  Everything from the set, the costumes and choreography was above and beyond anything I imagined it would be.  These kids were amazing, the maturity and professionalism they showed was impressive.  I cannot wait to get my video so I can watch them again!

Who who wah dah...who who who wah dah dah dah!
Who who wah dah...who who who wah dah dah dah!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Laughed the Wickersham Brothers!
'Cause he's talkin' to a speck - talkin' to a speck - to a speck of dust!

Blame fool in the Jungle of Nool!

Come on we're gonna monkey, monkey around!
Egg, Nest and tree!

I'm making a sour citizens arrest!
Well Horton we're taking you back!
You're gonna be goin' in style
For talking to a speck
And sittin' on an egg...

You're gonna be...gonna be...gonna be...gonna be...
Gonna be put on trail!

Final curtain call!
I was able to capture a couple of video clips of David's solos!  You can't miss him, he's the littlest little monkey!
David's one line solo - "Blame Fool in the Jungle of Nool"

David's One line solo in Monkey Around
"There aren't any Whos, why I don't hear a sound!"

Chasing the Whos

My little Wickersham Brother
Don't cry because it's over
Smile because it happened! ~Seuss

March 17, 2015

Happy St. Paddy's Day

I know some people may consider St. Patrick's day a "phone it in" holiday...but not in this family!  We rock it and with style.  The Irish music is playing and the corned beef is plentiful!  Oh and the Bailey's....we can't forget about the homemade Bailey's!

My little Shamrocks!

We like to have a little fun...it's easy to do with the consumption of all the Guinness!


Up to Shenanigans!

It wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without the green wig!