August 11, 2014

Vacationland 2014

After the boys birthday celebration we headed north for our annual summer trip to Maine!  We started our trip by spending the day in Saca at Funtown Splashtown USA!  The kids love that it's a water park and an amusement park all in one!

It wasn't until we arrived in Saco, ME that I realized that two of my bags (my camera bag and my purple travel bag that had all our towels and sunscreen) never made it into the car.  I was bummed out about not having my camera for vacation but I had my cell phone to take pictures so not the end of the world.  The end of the world discovery was realizing that I wasn't going to have my glasses for the entire trip.  Oh well.  I would make due, but I was tempted to see about finding a Lenscrafters in Maine!

Ready for some fun!
Water slide fun!
Shaun and I before heading to the Funtown side, we both tried some super fast (and kinda scary!) slides and we were very proud of ourselves!

David and Maddie try their first really big wooden roller coaster - Excalibur!

I have to say I was really proud of all 3 boys at the park today, they all tried something that seemed really scary at first.  Evan even did some big slides all by himself!  David did all the thrill slides and even went on Excalibur!  And Shaun tried two thrill water slides including one where you have to ride on your belly super fast while racing your friends!
Special treats for trying new things!!
David and Dad in front of Excalibur!
The following day we just hung out and relaxed.  It was a long weekend with a birthday party and day spent at amusement park that we planned a "do nothing" day at our friends house!  The day ended with campfire where the kids got to roast their hot dogs over the open fire!

Hey Mom, we need one of these!
Fire pit fun!
Fire roasted hot dogs!
This is the life!
On Wednesday the men decided to build a fort.  I know that they guys enjoy drinking beers and building stuff!  The started with the frame in the afternoon and then we took the kids to get some ice cream and more supplies before a storm rolled in and all work was halted.  Since we had already planned for the rain we got the kids ready to head to the movies to see Guardians of the Galaxy.
The tree fort frame!
The littles staying out of the way while the Dads work on the fort.
After the movie!  It was AWESOME!
After the movies we tried out a new seafood place in town!  YUM!  The fried scallops were amazing!
On Thursday we took the kids down to the rock beach to look for sea creatures and throw rocks.  I love the smell of the ocean breeze!

Climbing the big rocks!
More climbing
Top of the tiny rock mountain!
Evan and Me!
David and Maddie!

The kids at the rock beach
Evan was really proud he was able to climb the ladders by himself!
Friday was our lake day!  Every year we spend one of our days at Swan Lake.  This year the weather was just not great for swimming, for me anyway, the kids didn't mind!  Then the guys did some more work on the tree fort before it rained again!  So much for a second camp fire.

The annual jumping off the dock!
More jumps!
Dad tossing Evan into the water!
Shaun going head first down the slide!
Back to work on the fort!
Saturday, David's birthday!  The guys finished the fort and then we headed to have a big truck stop meal at a diner up in Bangor before hitting the road home.  It was a nice and relaxing trip but I was happy to be home with my glasses!

The tree fort it complete!
The Birthday Boy!
Home sweet home with my glasses selfie!

August 3, 2014

The Everything is AWESOME Boys Birthday Bash!

Today was the annual birthday extravaganza!  It's a day filled with lots of family, lots of friends, laughing, craziness and fun!  This year the theme was LEGOS; specifically the lego movie and like the famous song from the movie, everything really was awesome!

Lego Movie Tees!
We are ready to party!
I usually like to come up with quirky names for the food based on the birthday theme, like lasts years Hulkdogs and Thorburgers.  This years "Everything is Awesome" theme; made the naming of the food easy.  We had Awesome Hamburgers, Awesome Hot dogs, Awesome Chicken Wings, Awesome Pulled Pork, Awesome Potato Salad, Awesome Sweet and Sour get the idea!

The food!
Everything is Awesome, even the food!
I'm creative when it comes to food, but I don't typically bother with birthday games; instead we rent a giant inflatable water slide!  It's fun for the kids and I don't have to come up with games and entertainment!  The best part is the company comes and sets it up and takes it down at the end of the day.  Money well spent!

The "Awesome" inflatable water slide!
But I'm not completely against birthday stuff.  I do enjoy a good pinata!  This years theme though, surprisingly didn't lend itself to purchasing a pinata as I have done in the past.  So it was Pinterest to the rescue!  I found some tutorials on how to put together a lego piece using some Amazon boxes.  A lot of peoples sweat and tears went into this project, so thanks to those who helped me!

The Lego Pinata that took 5 people to get 100% ready!
The craziness after the pinata is opened!

Even Mom and Dad get into the theme!
My homemade lego ice cream cake.  It never looks pretty, but it's so yummy and I enjoy making them!  We'll pretend the candy legos I spent an entire afternoon making didn't all fall off the side because the cool whip was too soft!

It's also been a tradition to set off fireworks at the end of the night.  It's not usually dark enough, but the kids still enjoy the show.  Especially the sparklers!

We got some good ones this year!

It's always a long but super fun day and we really do have the best family and the best friends!  Thanks to everyone who made our boys day extra special!

July 28, 2014

Staycation 2014

After celebrating the 4th of July, we were officially on STAYCATION!  It was a nice relaxing week and our big day trip this year was to take the boys to Story Land.

Monday July 7th:

On Monday we stayed close to home so that Dad could get the oil changed on his car.  We all drove up to Laconia and hit the Captain's Cove on the way home.  The boys love to play mini-golf and since right before we played there was a fast moving thunder storm that passed through, we had the place pretty much to ourselves!  On our way home we tried out an Italian restaurant that had good reviews on Yelp and we were not let down!  The food was delicious and fresh and I'm looking forward to going back again.

Ahoy Matey!

With their prizes after playing!
Tuesday July 8th:

Tuesday we headed into Boston to take the kids to the Children's Museum.  We never think to take the kids there.  Even when we lived right off the Blue line in Revere, we never ventured much to that museum.   The boys had a blast and it was nice because it wasn't too crowded.  We left around noon and headed north to have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  We thought the boys would get a kick out of it and that also meant that we could hit up the Cheesecake Factory on our way out and pick up some dessert for later!

David pulling his own weight using the pully's
Shaun's turn!
Evan needed a little help getting up, but then he held on tight for the shot!
Sitting on the bobcat!
Construction Worker Evan!
The big bubble maker!

Wednesday July 9th:

Wednesday was a stay home and purge the playroom day!  Not exactly fun, but it was necessary!!

Thursday July 10th:

Thursday we got up, I packed some lunches and we headed north to Story Land!  And no trip to Story Land is complete without the traditional pictures with Humpty Dumpty and the weird clown!!  We spent the morning riding on the rides we thought would get more crowded as the day went on and then left the park to have the packed lunches I made.  When we returned to the park I decided to leave my camera behind.  I wanted to go on the Splash Battle and since we no longer have a stroller to push (YAY!!!) were don't have any place to leave things when we all want to ride.  I got all the "token" shots that I needed to get before lunch so it was all good.

Oh No!!
The boys and I after our adventure on the Dr. Geyser's Remarkable Raft Ride!
David, Shaun and Dad ride the Bamboo Chutes!  At the end of the day we convinced Evan 
Evan hanging out while I watch the other boys ride the Polar Coaster, another ride he eventually rode at the end of the day!
Polar Coaster!

Evan and I on the Antique German Carousel!

Cooling off!

My boys with Humpty Dumpty!

Friday July 11th:

We started our day taking Evan to his swimming lesson and then headed straight to the Lost River!  The boys had a blast here last year so we made sure to take them back again!

Even Dad has a fun time climbing through all the caves!

Evan was a little nervous but he made it through with a little help from Dad!

I love our Staycations and I'm already looking forward to next year!  Our next big summer trip is our annual trip to Maine!  That is coming up in a week!