January 9, 2019

12M ~ January 2019

Today was the first snow day of the school year. It was originally called as a 2-hour delay, but because it was a heavy wet snow with a mix of sleet and rain, they changed the call an hour later to a snow day! The boys did some sledding, watched a movie and relaxed in the hot tub! We finished the night off with another bag of our Hogwarts Lego set.

First Snow Day of the school year!

How the boys do snow days now!

Making progress!  Chamber of Secrets and the Great Hall

January 1, 2019

12M ~ January 2019

Cheers to the new year!


Happy New Year!

How many kids can you fit in a hot tub?

Time to crash!

December 31, 2018

PROJECT 12M ~ December 2018

I love our New Years Eve tradition to have a sleepover with our long time friends and all the kids!

The annual New Years Eve photo!!
Adult Swim!


Evan and Momma - New Years Selfie!

All the kiddos are ready to toast the New Year!

Ready for the final countdown! 3, 2, 1!

December 27, 2018

PROJECT 12M ~ December 2018

David stayed at my brothers house for a couple days and had the chance to ride the 4 Wheeler, so when I went to pick him up, Uncle David gave the littles a quick ride to try it out!

December 26, 2018

PROJECT 12M ~ December 2018

David getting a chance to ride my brothers 4 Wheeler!  It took him a bit to get used to it, but he eventually got the hang of it and now he wants one of his own.  *insert eye roll*

Finally getting a chance to watch a family movie in the new media room.

December 25, 2018

PROJECT 12M ~ December 2018

Christmas morning!  The boys were so great about letting everyone sleep in until 7am!  They were up around 5am though.

Ready to go downstairs!

Santa gifts have been wrapped in this paper for the last 8 years.  Last night we wrapped the very last gift in this paper. I cannot believe how long it lasted.  I was never able to find it anywhere after I first bought it.

Ready to open some gifts from Santa!

Shaun reads the letter that Santa left!

Merry Christmas 2018


Evan had Connor for Kids Secret Santa and he was so excited to give him this shirt!
When you Auntie to give you cash for Christmas you know it's not going to come in an envelope!

Frozen Money!

25 individually wrapped dollar bills!

A perfect medium rare!

Be careful with those cookies, they're FRAGILE!!
Right after Thanksgiving, I sent my sister a message asking her for ideas on what to get my almost 19 year old nephew, my sister told me he really wanted a Golden State Warriors jersey.  I told her I would get that and to not give the idea to anyone else.  Fast forward to a couple days before Christmas and I get a message asking if I ended up getting the jersey because he had told her how he couldn't wait for Christmas morning because he was looking forward to opening up his new jersey so he could wear it for the game they were playing on Christmas night.  She had to make sure that I got the jersey because it was one of the only things he had put on his list and wanted it so badly! 

I assured her it was all set and then as a joke I asked her if I should wrap a decoy gift to punk him!  And she told me that it would be hilarious and to do it.  I started to brainstorm ideas and when I was searching AmazonPrime for joke gifts (because it was 2 days before Christmas eve when this all went down), I came across a funny Reindeer Mankini!  I sent a screen shot to my sister and she immediately called me and told me I had to get the mankini!  I was hesitant because this is my nephew but he's pretty much an adult now and maybe would find it funny.  Unfortunately because I waited too long to hit submit, that particular one wasn't going to arrive in time, but I was able to find a man thong with a fancy bow tie, and she told me to do it!  So I did and this was the reaction! 

When he finally opened the jersey he was stoked!

December 24, 2018

PROJECT 12M ~ December 2018

It's my most favorite time of year!  It felt a bit more hectic than usual with the cat drama, the extra holiday parties and our trip to NYC, but we managed to get it mostly done and had a great time with our families!

The annual Christmas pajamas
This year was my niece's first Christmas (she'll be one in January!), it was so fun to include her in some of our Christmas Eve traditions with the boys!

Evie in the mix!

Cutest little reindeer!
Last year I tried to buy David a reindeer onesie to go with his brother's Elf and Santa jammies.  It wasn't easy but I finally found one that was available in a 12.  Well I guess I didn't read the fine print because when it arrived in the mail it was a 12 MONTH onsie!  Meant for a toddler!  I ended up finding an adult sized one and had it shipped and then gifted the baby one to my SIL who was 8 months pregnant with my neice at the time!

Fast forward to this year and it fit her perfectly and she was just adorable in it!  David still had his one from last year and couldn't resist the opportunity to be twinsies with his cousin for this cute picture!

There is a story here...
The annual reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas!

All is calm!

Santa has left the building! And a total miracle that he made it before midnight! 🎅👏🎄