October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Another Halloween has come and gone!  This year we did our Halloween portraits a few days before Trick or Treat.  It made for a much more relaxed Trick or Treat!  It was cold but at least it wasn't raining like last year!  We made our rounds and then came home to relax and eat some candy!

Soul Taker
Soul Taker without the hood!
Peter Quill aka StarLord from Guardians of the Galaxy
Without the mask!
My little Minion!
We don't celebrate Halloween at the boys school but we reached a fundraising goal so to thank the kids we celebrated with a Pajama Day and passed out popcorn to all the students.

Shaun's Halloween Pajamas
Evan chose the Olaf ones!
The boys came home from school and couldn't wait to get their costumes on for Trick or Treat.  We all got ready (including me - I was Jem!) and waited for Dad to get home from work.  I filled up my candy bucket for my neighbors to pass out for us until we got back and we headed out!  I ended up changing my costume a little after the picture because it was so cold.  My toes were still numb by the end of the night but at least the Under Armour long sleeved running shirt kept my body warm!  And it was pink so it matched my dress!
The boys are ready for candy!
All of us dressed up!
Racing to the first house!

Ready to see the loot!
 I think they made out OK!
Happy Halloween!  Hope everyone had as much fun as we did! 

October 24, 2014

Some Fall Fun

Hard to believe Fall is coming to an end in a couple weeks.  We were crazy busy with all 3 boys playing soccer this year.  So we missed out on some of the Fall Bucket list items I was hoping to do, but I was very happy that we at least got to squeeze in some apple picking!

The boys really enjoyed their soccer games.  Shaun was more into it this year and while he still tends to goof off, he was definitely more focused!  His favorite part was playing in the mock World Cup.  I think his team was Germany.

Look at his focus this year!
This year, Evan was old enough to play and he was so excited to be part of a team.  He was extremely focused and always giving me the thumbs up!  He keeps asking when he gets to play again.

Ready to play!
Go Evan, Go!
David's soccer this year was a little more intense!  He had more games and they were against other school teams.  He had great coaching and learned a lot about soccer he never really knew before.  His team was mostly made up of 4th graders but he held his own and improved so much from the first practice until the last game.  His team went undefeated on the regular season and they won the Jamboree championship game!

Running hard!
He also had the opportunity to play in a Fall Baseball clinic.  It was really great for him to get the opportunity to work on his baseball skills with small groups and then play scrimmages.
Batting practice!
And no fall is complete until you've gone apple picking.  We may have missed out on the Fair this year, but I needed to make sure we got to the orchard!  We headed to one of my favorite places, Applecrest and we even ran into our friends!  It was a perfect fall day!

The boys with Pattie!

Evan and Liam

And of course another fun fall bucket list item, playing in the big pile of leaves!

September 2, 2014

Back to School 2014

The boys are BACK TO SCHOOL!  The first day of school was last Tuesday and they had 3 days and then had a 4 day weekend for Labor Day.  It's kind of nice to have those 3 days for them to go in and get acclimated to the routine of the school week.  We tend to be much more lax with our schedules in the summer and even though the boys are always up at 6:30am every day, I never had to be up at 6:30am every day!

Just like last year I did their back to school interview.  Some things changed and some things remained the same.  And of course no back to school blog post is complete without the "first day of..." chalkboard pictures!

David's Favorites!
Shaun's Favorites
Evan's Favorites!
I began getting ready for "back to school" a few weeks before.  David and Shaun were both at different day camps and so it was just Evan and me.  It's so much easier to get shopping done when you only have one rugrat in tow than three!

Mom, we need ALL of these things!
We made a couple trips to Target for back to school supplies and some essentials like new socks and underwear!  I did some shopping at the Mall getting some new jeans at Crazy 8, my favorite place to get jeans for the boys!  Then I took Evan up to Tanger Outlets to see if there was anything else I could get to make sure they would be all set for school.  Evan had fun at the Tanger outlets checking out all the little "rides".  Since he was such a good helper I let him actually ride a few!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
And of course no all morning shopping spree is complete without a little lunch!

Paneara Bread!  Our new favorite spot!

The week before school was to start and the boys were done with their camps, we made plans for back to school shoe shopping and back to school haircuts!

New kicks!
David's Back to School haircut
Shaun's Back to School haircut!
Evan's Back to School haircut!
On Monday, the day before the first day of school, we had an open house for Shaun.  At the school they offer an open house for kids in 1st and 2nd grade to come in and meet their teachers again and see their classroom.  Evan would have his meet and greet on Tuesday and they don't do an official meet and greet at David's school (he moved next door for 3-5th grade).  I wanted to be able to say hello to David's new teacher, since it's a new school and I don't know the teachers over there (yet!).  She said she would be in the classroom on Monday and that we could stop by.  I was happy to be able to put a face to the name before school started!

After the open house we headed home and because I just didn't want to be rushing around on Tuesday morning trying to get the perfect pictures and because they had to get to swimming right after school, I decided to do our "Back to School" photoshoot on Monday!  You'll even notice that while Shaun wanted his fauxhawk for the Monday pictures, he didn't want to do it on the actual first day!

Back to school!
My handsome boys ready for school!

Of course, that wasn't going to stop me from still taking pictures on the real first day!  We still all walked down to the bus stop together for the first day!

Ready to head to the bus stop!
I have the same picture from last year!
Off to school!
Mom, when do I get to ride the bus?!
Evan was feeling a little down after his brothers got on the bus.  This year both David and Shaun will be in school all day so it will be just him and me except for the 3 days of the week that he is in preschool.  This year he'll be going in the afternoons so it's going to be an interesting adjustment.  We're used to heading out soon after his brothers.  Now we won't be leaving until after lunch.  So we waited all morning before he was able to go to his open house.

Ready to go see his classroom!
Very proud, he wrote his own name tag!
Checking out some books in the reading nook!
After Evan's open house we headed home to wait for his big brothers to get off the bus.  This is the first year that Shaun gets to ride the bus both to and from school.
First Day complete!
And finally, two days later, on Thursday, Evan got to have his real first day.  They split the class up where half went on Wednesday and half went on Thursday to ease them in.
I got this Mom!
He was so ready, we may have arrived way early!