March 2, 2015

February Staycation!

Last week we were on our school break and so we decided to plan a few day trips of winter fun!  We went skiing twice and tubing once!  The other days were for R&R.  David and Shaun have gotten in some good ski instruction during their 5 weeks of ski club through school and it showed!

Because Evan has not really had much experience we were able to put him into a ski camp for the days we skied so that he would be able to get some instruction and we wouldn't have to worry about him while we skied!  He loved it and by the second day he was starting to be able to make turns with some assistance!

I also decided to take another lesson and because we went on a very cold weekday, I ended up getting a 2 hour private lesson for the cost of a group lesson!  It was really great to get some one on one instruction and tips on my form.  I have never felt more comfortable on skis!  I still have some work to do and I think next year I might try and take another lesson in a more advanced level because I want to be able to ski steeper terrain without feeling afraid!

On Monday we headed up to Gunstock and that is where I got my lesson.  It's a really nice mountain and I enjoyed the last trail we skied.  It was long and winding and you really cannot beat the views!

Ready for some skiing!
Taking a lunch break and sporting some serious helmet hair!
Shaun and I skied a few trails together so that David and Dad could ski some black diamonds.  Shaun made sure to explain the terrain to me to make sure I was OK!
Evan waiting to be picked up from camp!  He loved it!
On Wednesday we headed up to Waterville Valley.  I had skied their last year and felt pretty comfortable after the lesson I took at Gunstock that I chose to just ski.  I was pretty comfortable and the trail that freaked me out last year was a lot less scary this year!  David and Shaun had a blast trying out the terrain parks and skiing over the jumps and hills, trying out some moguls and even a black diamond.  Though for Shaun that was totally on accident.  But he made it and was super proud of himself!  Both boys were impressive to watch.  Not sure I'll ever be ready for a black diamond, but I am enjoying the time on the slopes with the family and so glad I gave this whole thing a second chance!

Evan and Momma selfie - before the little goes off to camp!
At the summit!

At the summit of Waterville Valley!
David skiing by the bear cave!
After David had master a jump and landed it cleanly!  He was all about the thumbs up!

David capturing his me on skis!
Chairlift selfie!
The boys wanted to ski the terrain park some more so I picked Evan up from camp and we watched his big brothers ski!
David finishing the terrain park, not quite ready for the rails, but he was landing jumps!
Big brothers wanted to ski some more so Evan and I got a snack!
Our last winter break adventure was to do some tubing!  We tried to squeeze in as much as we could before we got busy again!  And before all the snow melts!  Yeah, I know, we're probably the only ones who feel that way!

Waiting in line for our turn!
Riding the tow line up to the top!
Evan enjoying the ride!
We did a line and went super fast!
Tubing selfie!
Perfect ending to a perfect staycation!
I got a couple videos of our tubing experience.  The first one is all of us riding down in a line on our tubes!  We were going pretty fast and I had to do this without my gloves on.  My hands were numb by the end!


This is David and Charlie going down the ski jump on the tube.  David is first in the video and then followed by Charlie!

February 18, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

With David's basketball tournament all weekend long we celebrated Valentine's Day on Monday.  Monday is one of the few days during the week when we're not running around so it's a good night for us to have our annual "Fancy Dinner"!  The menu this year was Spinach & Cheese stuffed Flank Steak with asparagus and homemade rice pilaf!  I also made some scallops wrapped in bacon for Charlie and I to share!  The boys really love having "fancy" dinner in the dining room and especially love the chocolate fondue we had for dessert!

My Funny Valentines!
We are dressed up and ready for "Fancy" dinner!
Spinach & Cheese stuffed Flank Steak!
Dad teaching David how to cut a cantaloupe for the fondue!
Using care while cutting the cantaloupe into pieces.
Ready for some fondue!
Happy Valentine's Day!

February 9, 2015


Since the 24th of January we have been getting dumped on by Mother Nature!  The biggest storm being on January 27th, what was known as the Blizzard of 2015.  We ended up with 14 inches that storm, but areas south of us saw between 2 and even 3 feet of snow!  We're making the most of the snow and getting in some sledding and tunnel making.

It would be awesome if it were just a little warmer because it's not as much fun to be out when it's so cold.  Plus it might have made some of this snow a little heavier for snowman making!  It's been so light and fluffy that we haven't been able to make our annual snowman yet.  There is still more time and rumor has it we're looking at another potential chance for significant snow at the end of the week.  Not sure some areas will be able to take much more.  We've averaged about 10 inches per storm, which is a lot, but not debilitating like other areas.  At least so far...


Before this snow, we had mostly ice storms.  It was nice to have some fluffy stuff to make sledding more fun!

Playing with the shovel!

The ice that we broke out of the saucer sleds that were left out!

Family selfie!
First Big Ski Adventure of 2015 - January 25th

It wouldn't be winter without some skiing!  We made plans to meet up and hit the slopes Sunday with our friends.  Evan is now old enough for ski camp instead of the day care/1 hr ski lesson he did last year.  He spent all day in camp and had so much fun and keeps asking when he can go again!

Ready for ski camp!
The boys hitting the slops!
Shaun made it to the top of the mountain!  He was pretty proud to ski some blues!
I opted not to ski this time and hang out with my friend Susan, whom I had not seen since summer!  Her girls took a lesson too so we headed over to watch for a bit.

Evan working on his 'wedges'
After the girls were done with their lesson, they met up to ski together.  David was showing Briana some of his moves!  She was able to keep up even though it was her first time.

Alexis and Shaun
Forever friends and now ski buddies!

While we didn't get monstrous amounts of snow like our friends south of us, it snowed all day long and the wind was blowing it all around like crazy!  Visibility was very poor and we didn't last very long the few times we ventured outdoors!

Blizzard = Snow Day = Waffles!
The wind gusts were impressive!
It's cold!
Trying to get a little sledding in, but it was COLD and WINDY!
Round 2, made a few runs down the hill!
Wipe out!
The wind was so crazy during this storm that it blew more than a dusting all over our covered deck!

Blizzard = Snow = Snow Ice Cream!
ANOTHER STORM!  SNOW DAY #2 - February 2nd (post Superbowl!)

How nice of Mother Nature to dump a foot of snow on us the day after the Patriots win the Superbowl!  It was even nicer that it was going to snow all day long that they were able to let us know before kick off that school would be cancelled!  We ended up letting the boys stay up after halftime to watch, but only David made it to the glorious ending!  Snow Day meant, this Momma could stay up late watching football commentary on the glorious outcome of Superbowl 49!

Championship Waffles!
David and Shaun couldn't wait to get outside for a bit for some more sledding!

THE BIG 3 DAY STORM!  February 7-February 9th (Snow day #3).

This latest round of snow, started Saturday night and still going!  It's been very light, but it hasn't let up at all, especially today!  It's been very cold so we when we do go outside, it's not for very long, but we are making the most of it!  Charlie helped the boys build a couple of tunnels in the giant snow banks along the side of the road from the various storms.



The banks are BIG!
They can reach the top of the mailbox post!
Snow day selfie!
That is it, for now.  I'm sure we'll have some more before the winter is over!  It's definitely one for the record books!