August 9, 2015

The Boys Minecraft Birthday Bash!

Each year we have a mild theme to our day!  This year it was minecraft!  This was our FIFTH year hosting this extravaganza and each year it becomes easier!  The menu doesn't change so that helps!  The only wrench in the plan was the pool project!  By the skin of my teeth it was ready for use the day before!  We didn't have any landscaping done, there was no official fence around the perimeter, but people could swim and that was more than I would have though earlier in the week!

Keep Calm and Minecraft On!
In lieu of the party favors and pinata - this year we set up a tye dye table!  Each kid went home with a cool shirt!
Clear water, temporary fence and lots of dirt all around!  But we could swim!
I had this great plan in my head to make this a really cook minecraft looking cake, but time got away from me and I was just happy it was made!  
Happy 5th, 7th & 9th Birthday!

Because the Monday before the party we still didn't even have pool decking...the uncertainty of the timeline for the pool being finished...we still rented the inflatable water slide just in case it didn't end up working out with the pool!
The back up plan!
We always try to get into the theme with custom tees too!
The boys friends always pick out some really nice gifts!  We have been so lucky to have such a great village here!

New Pool toys!!!!
It was such a busy week leading up to this party with all the pool stuff, but I think we managed to pull off another successful celebration for the boys!  Good food, great friends and lots of laughing and fun!

July 20, 2015

Summer Staycation 2015

This years staycation was very laid back, we are in the process of having a pool put in the backyard so that took up a lot of our resources and our time.  We did some quick local things early in the week to get out of the house, including catching the new Minions movie.

On Thursday we planned our big day trip.  We talked about heading north to Story Lane or Santa's Village, but didn't want to spend a lot of time driving in the car, so we headed south to Canobie Lake Park.  Now that the boys are older there is more for them to do here.  I decided to only bring my water proof point and shoot so that we could take it on all the water stuff and not have to worry.  Image quality suffers but, I'm not having to worry about my DSLR.

We come up with our game plan and head to the race cars, the line builds up quickly and moves slowly so we always seem to start our day here.  Shaun and David are both tall enough to drive alone now!

Waiting to drive some race cars!
Shaun's ready to race!
David is too cool to look at mom when driving his fancy race car!
Evan couldn't drive, but he had fun going with Dad!
After the race cars, we headed to the log flume, another ride the can build up a long line.  It was a nice day so we figured we would get that out of the way.  Well we waited for about 10 minutes before they told us we had to get out of line due to a malfunction.  We would have to try again later.  Oh least we were not stuck on the ride like some people were.

So we moved on to raft water slides.  These are fun, and it was no big deal getting wet because we started out in the park in our bathing suits so that we could do all the wet stuff before lunch.
Shaun and I on the "wetter" side!
I might not go on the roller coasters or fast spinning rides, but I do love all the water ones!
We did a couple more rides, and checked back at the log flume and it was still out of service, so we decided to just head to Castaway Island.  While it was a super nice, sunny, gorgeous day; it was not exactly very HOT.  So it was a bit cold inside the water part.  I bit the bullet and tried to go down a few slides, but the boys were over this area really quickly!  They have this weird rule about needing to be 6 years old to go on the "dark green" slides, which I don't get at all...needless to say....Evan was 6 for the day.  He LOVED all the slides and was so glad he was able to go on them this year.

I don't understand why 6 is the age for this slide!  Evan loves these slides!
Happy "6" year old!
He lasted the longest in this area!
Too cold, time to move on!
After Castaway Island, and while we were still in our bathing suits, we headed over to do the Boston Tea Party.  The entire point of this ride is to get you soaked so it just makes no sense to change until after we ride this one!  David was the only one who wanted to do it so we hopped into line.  We must have hit it just right because we rode it and then was able to get right back into line to ride it a second time and right after that the line was all the way backed up!  Now we could go eat some lunch and change into dry cloths!

Selfie with a point and shoot is not very easy!
Boston Tea Party!
After a quick lunch (we packed sandwiches and ate in the car), we headed back into the park.  We were going to head to the other side of the park and David and Dad were going to ride the Yankee Cannonball!

Evan and Momma Selfie - Ready for part 2!
While David and Dad were in line for the Yankee Cannonball, I took Shaun and Evan to ride some kiddie rides.  First we found this silly hopping ride that they wanted to try.  It was a good plan, because I still wasn't sure if Shaun would be allowed to ride in the kiddie area as he taller than their max height recommendations.  Turned out they did let him ride the helicopters and that was all we needed to worry about for killing time!

Hippity Hoppity!
Evan's loves the helicopters!
We met back up with David and Dad and started heading towards the back of the park.  We stopped to ride the sky ride as a nice way to let David's tummy settle after the roller coaster!

Shaun and I on the Sky Ride
I think he is feeling much better now!
We did some of the rides over in the back area and then decided to try to head back over to the log flume and see if it was back up and running!  First though we stopped at Evan's favorite ride; the frog hopper!

Evan had the ride all to himself and was able to ride continuously 3 times in a row!
We made it back to the log flume and since they won't let 5 people ride together we had to ride it separate.  Evan said he didn't like it, but then wanted to ride again with me.  I think he was tired and didn't know what he wanted!

Shaun doesn't usually go on these rides, but he tried it again and loved it!
Coming down fast!
There is the smiles!
And I always like to try and get one of us together, even if it's a cheesy selfie!
On Friday we headed north to check out the Polar Caves.  The last few years we had been going up to the Lost River so it had been a while since we had been to the Polar Caves.  Before exploring the boys had a little fun pretending to be giant moose!

Evan and Dad in the caves!
Hi Mom!
You can see on the right hand corner the ice that is still really thick.  As you can see from the sign, it can still be there in August!
Enjoying the cool air of the caves!

So fun!
So a short staycation, but still a fun one!  Until next time!

July 13, 2015

Shaun is SEVEN!

A month ago, this handsome boy turned SEVEN and then finished his last week of first grade.  He is growing up, off to second grade in the fall.  He is smart, sweet and silly!  He never hesitates to tell you that he loves you and flash you his best smile!

The Birthday Boy!
His winning smile!
Since he has grown so much we surprised him by upgrading him to a bigger bike.  There was a bit of a learning curve at first, but now he is riding like a pro! 

Shaun was REALLY concentrating on his wish!
Today was his well check.  He's healthy and growing like a weed!  He had the doctor in stitches with his "old man" ramblings about things that had nothing to do with the questions she was asking!  But that is totally Shaun and one of the things we love about him!

Height: 51 inches (89th percentile)
Weight: 61 lbs (85th percentile)