July 2, 2016

Summer Staycation 2016

This year we laid low during our staycation.  It was relaxing.  We swam in the pool, read lots of books and many pancakes!  We did a couple day trips to the science museum and to take the kids on a ropes course.  It was a nice relaxing week and we always love when Dad is home to have fun with us!

Breakfast out at our local favorite!
On Wednesday we headed to the SEE Science Museum and the kids had fun playing around with the various exhibits.  I think the favorite was one where you had to test your reaction time.  No one could beat Dad's time!  After the museum, we took the boys to jump around for an hour at Sky Zone (the local trampoline park) and then since we were in Manchester, we picked up some takeout at an Indian place that I had found on Yelp, with excellent reviews.  It did not disappoint!

Trying out the moon walk simulator!

Evan tried it out too!

I don't think he liked it that much!
Testing out reaction times.  The best I was able to get was 0.36.

Sending the electricity through all the hands!


Evan's face is RED after all that jumping!
On Thursday we were trying to figure out what to do with our day.  The boys had swimming at 4 - so whatever we did could not take all day.  I was tired of always doing the same day trips and was really pushing to try something different.  That included a trip to Polly's Pancake Parlor and then to Alpine Adventures so that the boys could try out a ropes course.


Now we can say we have been here!
At Alpine Adventures, we were not sure how Evan would do with it, but he surprised us and did great with the ropes course.  It wasn't until he needed to zip line down that he freaked out a bit, but the staff was really great and super patient.  He eventually went down and had a blast.

Safety gear on, ready to climb!

Ready to get the lesson on how to stay clipped on to the course!

Thumbs up from Evan!

Examining the zip line!
Getting up the courage to jump!

Look Ma!  No hands!

Evan fell off, and learned that even if that happens he is secured onto the course.  He was a champ about it!
Still unsure, but he did it all 3 times!

Dad going for level 3!

Alpine Adventure Video Clips: