September 2, 2014

Back to School 2014

The boys are BACK TO SCHOOL!  The first day of school was last Tuesday and they had 3 days and then had a 4 day weekend for Labor Day.  It's kind of nice to have those 3 days for them to go in and get acclimated to the routine of the school week.  We tend to be much more lax with our schedules in the summer and even though the boys are always up at 6:30am every day, I never had to be up at 6:30am every day!

Just like last year I did their back to school interview.  Some things changed and some things remained the same.  And of course no back to school blog post is complete without the "first day of..." chalkboard pictures!

David's Favorites!
Shaun's Favorites
Evan's Favorites!
I began getting ready for "back to school" a few weeks before.  David and Shaun were both at different day camps and so it was just Evan and me.  It's so much easier to get shopping done when you only have one rugrat in tow than three!

Mom, we need ALL of these things!
We made a couple trips to Target for back to school supplies and some essentials like new socks and underwear!  I did some shopping at the Mall getting some new jeans at Crazy 8, my favorite place to get jeans for the boys!  Then I took Evan up to Tanger Outlets to see if there was anything else I could get to make sure they would be all set for school.  Evan had fun at the Tanger outlets checking out all the little "rides".  Since he was such a good helper I let him actually ride a few!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
And of course no all morning shopping spree is complete without a little lunch!

Paneara Bread!  Our new favorite spot!

The week before school was to start and the boys were done with their camps, we made plans for back to school shoe shopping and back to school haircuts!

New kicks!
David's Back to School haircut
Shaun's Back to School haircut!
Evan's Back to School haircut!
On Monday, the day before the first day of school, we had an open house for Shaun.  At the school they offer an open house for kids in 1st and 2nd grade to come in and meet their teachers again and see their classroom.  Evan would have his meet and greet on Tuesday and they don't do an official meet and greet at David's school (he moved next door for 3-5th grade).  I wanted to be able to say hello to David's new teacher, since it's a new school and I don't know the teachers over there (yet!).  She said she would be in the classroom on Monday and that we could stop by.  I was happy to be able to put a face to the name before school started!

After the open house we headed home and because I just didn't want to be rushing around on Tuesday morning trying to get the perfect pictures and because they had to get to swimming right after school, I decided to do our "Back to School" photoshoot on Monday!  You'll even notice that while Shaun wanted his fauxhawk for the Monday pictures, he didn't want to do it on the actual first day!

Back to school!
My handsome boys ready for school!

Of course, that wasn't going to stop me from still taking pictures on the real first day!  We still all walked down to the bus stop together for the first day!

Ready to head to the bus stop!
I have the same picture from last year!
Off to school!
Mom, when do I get to ride the bus?!
Evan was feeling a little down after his brothers got on the bus.  This year both David and Shaun will be in school all day so it will be just him and me except for the 3 days of the week that he is in preschool.  This year he'll be going in the afternoons so it's going to be an interesting adjustment.  We're used to heading out soon after his brothers.  Now we won't be leaving until after lunch.  So we waited all morning before he was able to go to his open house.

Ready to go see his classroom!
Very proud, he wrote his own name tag!
Checking out some books in the reading nook!
After Evan's open house we headed home to wait for his big brothers to get off the bus.  This is the first year that Shaun gets to ride the bus both to and from school.
First Day complete!
And finally, two days later, on Thursday, Evan got to have his real first day.  They split the class up where half went on Wednesday and half went on Thursday to ease them in.
I got this Mom!
He was so ready, we may have arrived way early!

August 25, 2014

David 8.0

My baby is eight.  I don't know how it happened.  I was looking back at his first day of first grade picture and he looked so young!  I remember thinking how grown up he looked at the time.  I am sure I will say this same thing next year too!

Today he had his well check and tomorrow he will start third grade!  Insert the cliche saying..."where does the time go?" here.  He grew 3 inches from last year and is now officially in the 50th percentile for his height!  He's always been between the 25th and 40th percentiles.

Height: 50.75 inches (55th percentile)
Weight: 55.8 lbs (46th percentile)

Our handsome 8 year old!

I can't believe he's officially a third grader.  That also means he's in a different school, since his school last year only goes to grade 2.  He has been so excited to start and is working on his reading log and looking forward to doing some division in math.  We love his inquisitive mind and how much he loves school.  He's getting to be quite the little piano player and enjoys preforming his new songs for family and friends.  He has really surprised me this year, trying new things like taking the plunge on Geronimo, a thrill slide at the local water park.  You couldn't pay me to go on it, but he did it three times!  I'm looking forward to seeing what being 8 brings for David.  I think it's going to be a great year!

Birthday Boy!
At his well check, healthy and happy!

August 11, 2014

Vacationland 2014

After the boys birthday celebration we headed north for our annual summer trip to Maine!  We started our trip by spending the day in Saca at Funtown Splashtown USA!  The kids love that it's a water park and an amusement park all in one!

It wasn't until we arrived in Saco, ME that I realized that two of my bags (my camera bag and my purple travel bag that had all our towels and sunscreen) never made it into the car.  I was bummed out about not having my camera for vacation but I had my cell phone to take pictures so not the end of the world.  The end of the world discovery was realizing that I wasn't going to have my glasses for the entire trip.  Oh well.  I would make due, but I was tempted to see about finding a Lenscrafters in Maine!

Ready for some fun!
Water slide fun!
Shaun and I before heading to the Funtown side, we both tried some super fast (and kinda scary!) slides and we were very proud of ourselves!

David and Maddie try their first really big wooden roller coaster - Excalibur!

I have to say I was really proud of all 3 boys at the park today, they all tried something that seemed really scary at first.  Evan even did some big slides all by himself!  David did all the thrill slides and even went on Excalibur!  And Shaun tried two thrill water slides including one where you have to ride on your belly super fast while racing your friends!
Special treats for trying new things!!
David and Dad in front of Excalibur!
The following day we just hung out and relaxed.  It was a long weekend with a birthday party and day spent at amusement park that we planned a "do nothing" day at our friends house!  The day ended with campfire where the kids got to roast their hot dogs over the open fire!

Hey Mom, we need one of these!
Fire pit fun!
Fire roasted hot dogs!
This is the life!
On Wednesday the men decided to build a fort.  I know that they guys enjoy drinking beers and building stuff!  The started with the frame in the afternoon and then we took the kids to get some ice cream and more supplies before a storm rolled in and all work was halted.  Since we had already planned for the rain we got the kids ready to head to the movies to see Guardians of the Galaxy.
The tree fort frame!
The littles staying out of the way while the Dads work on the fort.
After the movie!  It was AWESOME!
After the movies we tried out a new seafood place in town!  YUM!  The fried scallops were amazing!
On Thursday we took the kids down to the rock beach to look for sea creatures and throw rocks.  I love the smell of the ocean breeze!

Climbing the big rocks!
More climbing
Top of the tiny rock mountain!
Evan and Me!
David and Maddie!

The kids at the rock beach
Evan was really proud he was able to climb the ladders by himself!
Friday was our lake day!  Every year we spend one of our days at Swan Lake.  This year the weather was just not great for swimming, for me anyway, the kids didn't mind!  Then the guys did some more work on the tree fort before it rained again!  So much for a second camp fire.

The annual jumping off the dock!
More jumps!
Dad tossing Evan into the water!
Shaun going head first down the slide!
Back to work on the fort!
Saturday, David's birthday!  The guys finished the fort and then we headed to have a big truck stop meal at a diner up in Bangor before hitting the road home.  It was a nice and relaxing trip but I was happy to be home with my glasses!

The tree fort it complete!
The Birthday Boy!
Home sweet home with my glasses selfie!