October 31, 2015


I love Halloween!  We decorate the yard with skulls and graves and flowing ghosts, carved a pumpkin and of course trick or treated in the neighborhood!  This year, for the first time ever, we did the entire neighborhood loop.  Needless to say, the boys ended up with an obscene amount of candy this year.

Dad prepping the pumpkin for carving!
The boys are excited to start digging out the goop so Dad can carve it!

Starting the design.  The kit we bought was not a good one and the finished product didn't turn out as it was supposed to.  Lesson learned!  But we still had fun!
For the past few years I have done Halloween portraits of the boys.  This year I was able to use my studio light!

Master Chief



On Friday night, the city put on a Halloween Howl downtown.  We had never been before but Shaun was invited to go with a friend and so we decided to take David and Evan to check it out.  The city closes down Main Street, the various businesses downtown open their doors to pass out candy to kids and the local radio station plays music in the streets.  We walk around for a bit before stopping to get one last ice cream treat from one of our favorite places before they stop selling ice cream for the winter.
Halloween Howl
Trick or Treating for our city is done on Halloween night so we all got ready and had some Chinese food for dinner before getting ready to head out.  David's friend and my cousin joined us and because I still had my studio light set up from the day before I did a few more portraits!

My cousin the demon!
Ready to Trick or Treat!
Me and my boys!

After we were done the boys dumped their bags to check out their loot!  That is a lot of candy!

Happy Halloween!

October 17, 2015

The Fall Bucket List!

Most people I know have their Fall Bucket list items.  We typically do the same ones year to year, but I was really happy to be able to cross off the Deerfield Fair off my list this year.  We missed it last year.

Deerfield Fair

Clam Chowder in a bread bowl!
The BEST Chicken Fingers around - made with love by his friends Mom!

TURKEY LEG!  Nom, nom, nom!
It would not be the Deefield Fair experience we love so much without waiting for the Flying Walenda's show!  It's pretty much the reason I go.  I'm not into smelly farm animals.  I like the food and the Walenda's!  Lucky for me the boys love it just as much and this year they won a copy of their DVD!  It was an interesting documentary on their family history in walking the wire.

Waiting for the show to start!
Evan and Momma Selfie!
The show was awesome and after the boys got their autographs and pictures with their favorites!
Alex Walenda!
JP the Clown!
Grammy getting her picture too!
Elvis pumpkin!
And because they waited for a long time so we could watch the Walenda's they got to choose a few rides!

Shaun and Evan in the front row!

This is awesome!
He liked the little dragon one so much he decided to try the big one too!
David being a good big brother and riding with Evan!
Shaun wanted to ride his favorite, the Tilt-a-Whirl (or as some people call it the Tilt-a-HURL!  My sister took one for the team and rode with Shaun!

I think she is cursing me in this one!
So happy to have his Auntie take him!
After the rides, it was time to go grab some dinner.  We ran into some of our friends.  And then mayhem ensued!  It was such a fun day at the fair and I got my soup, donut as big as my face and saw the Walendas, crossing off a good portion of my bucket list!
The gang!
We didn't get to do any official apple picking this year, but I did get my apple cider donut and Evan and I enjoyed a quick trip with Family Center to a local orchard.  It rained on us for a good portion but it was still fun!

I spy Evan Michael!

Happy Fall!  Now we get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas bucket lists!