June 3, 2006

A Baby "Shower"

So today is our Baby Shower! Hooray! I can't wait to see everyone - but most important than that is I can't wait to see what presents they bring!! (wink). Oh you know I am just kidding about that!

The shower is all thanks to my mom and MIL. They have been working really hard with all the planning and keeping me out of the loop as much as they can. Apparently the fact that I even know it is today (because this was the Doc's only free weekend) is too much information that I have.

The bummer - the forecast in NH is for 57 degrees - rain heavy at times (possible accumulation 1 inch) - and wind upto 15mph. So much for that nice cookout weather from last weekend. It's like a shock to the system considering the hot, sticky, steamy, wicked humid 90 degree weather we have in Philly (today in Philly it will be 70 and cloudy and maybe an afternoon shower).

I suppose it's called a Baby "Shower" for a reason, right!

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