April 20, 2013

2013 April Vacation - Orlando, Florida - Day 1:

Today at 4am the alarm went off and we (me, Charlie, the boys, my mom and nephew) got up grabbed the last of the stuff we needed to pack in the car and pulled out of the garage at 4:20am heading to Logan Airport to catch our 7:25am flight to Orlando!

We made it with plenty of time to spare, met up with MIL, and grabbed a quick bite to eat, unfortunately the Dunkin Donuts is outside of security and since you cannot bring liquid through security, I had to settle for a water and a yogurt at the little store.

Shaun and Evan killing time before boarding the plane

It was time to board the plane.  This was going to be interesting since this was basically the first time flying for the boys, including my nephew.  They were all babies the last time they flew on a plane, even my nephew. 

Evan on the plane
David and Shaun ready to go!
Scottie is ready for take off

We had a layover in DC, which ended up not being a layover since we were behind due to some serious head winds.  Thankfully they held the plan for all 35 passengers that were moving onto Orlando!  The flight from DC to Orlando was awful.  I don’t think we stopped jerking from all the turbulence the entire time.  Thankfully Evan fell asleep.  Shaun didn't seem fazed at all and poor David inherited my motion sickness.  He didn't fare so well.

We landed in Orlando a little before noon time and finally go off the plane, none of us were feeling so great between getting up so early and the turbulent plane ride but we still had some time to kill before we could check into the house.  By the time we got our bags and our rental van (which we changed to a beast 12 passenger, instead of renting 2 cars because the guy gave us a discount at the counter) it was 2pm.  We decided we would head straight to the house in hopes that we would be able check in early.  The owner had said it would be OK if the cleaning company had finished.  We drive into the gated community where the house was located and got our parking pass.
Waiting for the rest of the bags
It was 10 minutes to to 3 when we pulled up to the house and lucky for us the cleaning crew was just wrapping up!  Thank goodness because we were all spent and starving!  We had decided we would just chill at the house and order some takeout.  The boys got a little time to spend in the pool before it was showers and bed.  It had been a very long day, and we were going to be heading over to Universal Studios in the morning and we all needed our rest!
The boys couldn't wait to get into the pool!
Evan testing out the spa section of the pool
Full view of our very own pool!  It's pretty awesome when you don't have to share!

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