October 27, 2013

Fall Bucket List

I think we all have those "must see/must do" Fall activities.  Apple picking is one of my every year must do activities.  It was a crazy Fall and we never made it over to Applecrest Farms, in Hampton Falls, NH (my all time favorite place to go!).  Lucky for us though, we have a really nice orchard a couple miles down the street.  And even luckier for us; Auntie Kristin was up for a visit so she got to come along!

Tractor ride!

Another typical Fall bucket list item is going to the Fair!  For the past couple years, I have gone with my mom and sister to the Deerfield Fair.  This year the whole family met up for a bit!  I love going to the Fair, because I love the food!  But being able to see the Flying Wallendas preform, is worth the price of admission!

The boys checking out the Animals!
JP the Clown!

Bumble Bee ride!
Roller Coaster fun!

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