December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Part 2 and Kick Off to Christmas!

This year we had a second Thanksgiving so we could see Charlie's family since they were at the Cape this year.  Because we didn't want to have Turkey again, I decided to prepare Prime Rib!  YUM!  It is also our tradition to break out the Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving so with everyone's help we were able to get the tree decorated!
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Dad puts the Star on the top of the tree!
Just like on Thanksgiving, I had to get a picture of the whole family together!  It wasn't as cold, but still pretty cold!
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Our Family!
The boys were most excited to be able to spend time with GG, especially Evan who didn't leave her side the entire day.

My lovely SIL!
It was fun hanging out with family and switching gears from Thanksgiving to Christmas!  Having Thanksgiving so late this year thought has really thrown me for a loop!  I"m feeling a lot more disorganized!  Part of our Kick of to Christmas includes our annual trip to the Christmas Parade, we go every year with my Mom and Sister.  This year it was drizzling, but I think I would rather that than the freezing cold that we sat in last year.

Waiting for the Parade to start!
It wasn't very crowded so we watched from a different spot this year!

The start of the parade!
Watching the bands play!

The Santa Float!
We came home from the parade and the boys sat down to make their wishlists!  Our Elf Finn had returned that morning and he was going to take their lists back with him to give to Santa!

Evan's Wishlist!

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