May 7, 2014

Evan Michael 4.0

Evan is FOUR!  His birthday was on the 1st, but today he had his check up and his official stats are in!  Evan is in the 90th percentile for both his height and weight.  He is taller than David was at FIVE!

He's such a great big ball of personality.  He's super friendly and will tell you his whole life story, after he first says; "Hi!  My name is Evan Michael, what's your name?"

It's been a lot of fun watching him grow over the past year, he's having a great first year in preschool and started his first big boy activity this spring; making the age cut off for T-ball!

He is the biggest ham, super stubborn, super sweet and knows how to wrap you around his little finger.  He's Evan Michael and wants the world to know it!

HEIGHT: 42.5 inches (89th percentile)
WEIGHT: 45.5 lbs (96th percentile)

Funny Faces!
Since we do one big birthday bash for all 3 boys in the summer, we like to make their actual birthday special.  We have cake and the birthday boy gets their choice of places to have dinner!  Evan chose to go to the local Mexican restaurant and proceeded to tell every person he saw that he was their for his birthday!  After our dinner, the staff came over and put a hat on his head and sang him a birthday song in Spanish and gave him a little treat!  He looked so cute!

Birthday treat at El Rodeo!
This year (thanks to Pinterest!) I saw a tutorial for making Lorax cupcakes!  They came out much better than I expected and Evan was really excited to share them with his classmates and then with his brothers after dinner!

Evan is FOUR!
I'm the Lorax, I speak for the Trees!
Having fun with the candy mustaches
The mustache was the big hit of the night!
We had to wait to do gifts because his brother's (using their own allowance money) ordered Evan a special birthday present online and it didn't arrive on time.  So Evan got an extended birthday celebration and loved the Queen Elsa Disney Infinity character that they picked out for him.

We got him a big boy reading light for his bedroom, just like his big brothers!
And no reading light is complete without another Pete the Cat Book!
Evan loves Pete the Cat!  Here is a cute little video of him "reading" one of his Pete the Cat books back in March.

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