November 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2014 is one we won't soon forget!  Mother Nature dumped about 10 inches of heavy wet snow, knocking out our power for 17 hours.  We are fortunate to have a generator, but our oven is not hooked into the power so we had to improvise a little.  Power came back by 12:30 and we were ready to roll.  The Turkey, even though it was not cooked in a conventional way, came out perfect!  It certainly will make for fun stories down the road.

The storm began late Wednesday morning.  The time difference between the top and bottom images was THREE hours!
So pretty!
The snow was so heavy that it bent a lot of our trees.  We did not have any damage though which was lucky!
The Sun working hard to make an appearance!

With the oven out of service, I had to improvise.  I shoved my 28 1/2 pound turkey into the electric roasting pan I had purchased to cook my ham.  We cooked the ham on the grill.  The power came back at 12:30 and with my brother's help we got the Turkey into the oven to finish cooking.

With the power back, I was able to make everything on my menu.  It was touch and go for a bit.  We had Turkey, ham, homemade candied sweet potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts with cranberries. homemade stuffing (and the box stuff), squash, mashed potatoes, rice pilaf and rolls.

Official family turkey carver!
You can see where the electric pan burned the wing...but it was still juicy and delicious!

The ham

And no snowy day would be complete without some sledding!

Mother Nature was not going to foil my plans for my annual Thanksgiving family portrait!  My brother helped out by shoveling off the new deck.



Billy playing some songs on the new piano!

We love having GG living closer to us!

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