November 7, 2006

David or Pablo Picasso?

Today when I picked David up at daycare one of his teachers handed me this piece of paper. She said that they did an art project today. The art project was pasting circles onto a large piece of construction paper. I scanned it into the computer for all of you to see. His teacher said that she had to help him paste the circles but that he crinkled them himself. You can't tell from the picture but trust me they are crinkled. Here is the first of many accomplishments that will be taped to our refrigerator!


Brian said...

Brady hasn't done anything like this. Its pretty clear to me that in fifteen years, you'll have the bumper sticker that says "My child was student of the month" and I'll have the one that says "My child beat up your student of the month."


Princess Buttercup said...

Like Picasso's cubism period I predict David's circlism period will be quite significant.

Here are some further techniques you may see him perfect with his circlist creations:

The painting heralded the first phase of cubism, called analytic cubism. This severe, intellectual style was conceived and developed by Picasso, Braque, and Gris c.1909—12, and DW c.2006.
In the synthetic phase of cubism (after 1912) his forms became larger and more representational, and flat, bright decorative patterns replaced the earlier, more austere compositions. Picasso's cubist works along with David's circlist creations established firmly that the work of art may exist as a significant object beyond any attempt to represent reality. Both periods of cubism experiments by Picasso and others resulted in several new techniques, including collage and papier collé.

Who knows what new techniques will emerge from David's daring circlism experiments!