March 31, 2012

Making a House a Home - Part 7

Well we took the winter off (obviously!) from our various landscaping projects. But the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer so it was time to resume our yard transformation! But before that Charlie did do a small interior project last month over February vacation. Our bedroom has these wood panels and it was time to get rid of them. We wanted to move Charlie's dresser and hang our TV on the wall.

It turned out that it wasn't as simple as taking the wood off the wall and painting. The wood had been glued to the wall and so it had to be sanded and then painted! By the end of the project Charlie finally got a good system down, but not without creating tons of dust!

The final product!

Now onto the yard work! On St. Patrick's Day, my Dad and brothers helped us get started with tree removal. We made a good dent but we have so much more we need to accomplish so Charlie got himself his own chainsaw. It's a small electric one, but it will help us start to make a dent in the smaller trees. Today we were able to get outside tackle some of the smaller trees and brush! It's starting to really come along. I'm excited to keep going and get some grass planted and eventually some fruit trees and some sunflowers!

The boys are ready to get started:

Here are some before pictures:

Charlie getting to work:

And here are the after pictures (so far anyway!):

We still have a laundry list of projects as we continue making this house our home.  The next big project we will be doing in the coming months is painting the house.  It hasn't been done since the house was built 10 years ago and it was something we were told to make a priority during our home inspection last year, and since we need to do it anyway we get to change the color!  Goodbye Easter Egg house!  I'm really excited to see how the changes will look!

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