December 4, 2005

Santapalooza 2005

Yesterday marked the Sixth annual Santapalooza Extravaganza. It was a blast! Santapalooza was started back in 2000 when a bunch of college kids decided to have a “grown up” dinner party. We do a gift swap, eat great food and mostly just catch up on each others lives. The tradition continues and sometimes we even get some new faces we haven’t seen in a while! And as for the old faces, we really missed you!! For those who made the trek, we had a blast!!!!

Our menu (courtesy of Princess B & me) consisted of homemade meatballs and sauce; scallops wrapped in bacon, stuffed mushrooms, bread, salad and Lindt chocolate truffles for dessert. Oh and of course we can’t forget the wine! There is nothing like reminiscing about the days of old with a glass of really good wine! Here is wishing everyone a fantastic start to the Holiday Season. Until next year!


Princess Buttercup said...

Dear P. Soph,

Thank you for hosting a lovely party! This was THE Best Santapalooza Party Ever! The Hub and I had such an awesome time--it was, as they say in my country, "Wicked Awesome!" Though I'm not a huge phan of Philly (the city that has stolen you for 3 years), I didn't want to leave your humble castle (which looks fantastic by the way--nice work Doc, oh and you too Princess!). The 6 hour drive was definitely worth it =)

Hopefully we'll see you in the Garden State for New Year's!!!

Hooray for awesome parties! Good luck with the Santagria, let me know how it is ;o) I expect a drunken phone call from you (wink) or you can keep it for your next pahty. Celebrate good times c'mon!


P.S. I like your sleeves.

P.P.S. Enjoy the meal from Ralph's, hopefully one of you likes veal parm and spaghetti. I'll feel extra bad if he died in vain.

Stewie Griffin: Look, I really don't want to go to hell, but I can't stop my nature. I'm just a hateful person

Brian Griffin: You're not hateful you just need to control your anger. Like I do.

Stewie Griffin: Oh, you mean by being sauced all day! Wait a minute! Of Course! That's it! If I'm drunk I'll be calm and if I'm calm I'll be nice, and if I'm nice then I won't go to hell. Fix me a highball I'm going to get good and tight!

Princess Buttercup said...

P.P.P.S. Thanks for complimenting me on my homemade meatballs and sauce. The Hub had some scallops wrapped in bacon tonight and said they were very delicious! You're the best Princess Beermaid!!!

P.P.P.P.S. We forgot to make big phat ice cream sundaes!!! When you come to Boston next after I make the tortierre it'll be You and Me and Friendly's, or Cabot's in Newton where they have killa sundaes!