January 3, 2006

It's tough beating the boys all the time:

So I recently won the "Park Football League" aka PFL Fantasy Football Drew Box. It’s the third year in a row competing in the Super Bowl, second year in a row as champion. I lost the first year to the Doc - that was back when Jamal Lewis wasn't a drug dealer.

I should mention that I am the only female in the league or so I thought until I crushed the competition (again) and defended my title as champion. I was in another league that my supervisor at work got me to join. Again I was the only female and not knowing any one other than my supervisor I got a lot of trash talk from the guys. I ended up in third place in that league and proved myself as a knowledgeable fantasy footballer. Yes, it’s true; I don’t just choose a player because he looks hot in the tight pants.

So today I would like to gloat and celebrate my triumphant victory as reigning champion. Better luck next year boys!

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