August 14, 2006


So we've been home now for a couple days. No more shipping the baby off to the nursery when you want a couple hours rest. No more nurses bringing me water and being at the call of a button. We're on our own. We got home at about 8:30 on Friday night and thankfully he slept the entire time. That night...not so much. I don't quite remember how much sleep I actually got but it wasn't much.

The cats took the arrival better than we thought. As you can see they were very curious from the start. You can see from the two pictures just how curious they were. I think their first meeting went better than expected because David was sleeping. They still don't know what to make of him but don't hiss. I think they are starting to feel neglected so we try to make sure that we pet them and rub their bellies. Poor guys!

We had some company in town over the the weekend from P. Bride and her man and they were a huge help to us. They cooked us two amazing dinners of pasta and homemade meatballs the first night and a chicken dish with rice and beans on the second! YUMMY! We spent some time in the park and then on Sunday we all took David to his first trip to Perkins! I figured after what I just went through I deserved to have some pancakes! Let me tell you it was worth it!

David was great! On the 15 minute drive he was awake and his eyes were open and taking the car ride in. He seemed very content. Once we were there we were seated right away. I was a little nervous that it was too good to be true and sure enough shortly after being seated he fuss. All I could think was just give me a half our and then we can go home. As his fussing continued I took him to the ladies room and sure enough he was fussy because he needed his diaper changed. Once he had a clean diaper he fell fast asleep until we got home! He was so good letting mommy enjoy her pancakes!

Overall we are doing really well just getting used to each other. Daddy changes the diapers while mommy feeds him and then he pretty much sleeps all day. Last night he even gave us four straight hours. Screw the La Leche League - I am NOT waking up my sleeping child to feed him. When he is hungry he will let me know! Now it's off to relax while he naps. Our next visit will be from his Grammy who will be with us for a week beginning on Sunday. That will be nice because the Doc begins a two week rotation on the Cardiac Care Unit. That is it for now until the next update!


Erica Stack said...

Looks like you are adjusting to mommy hood really well! This is such an exciting time! I wanted to call you so many times this weekend but didn't want to overwhelm you. You look so happy in the pictures with David. I couldn't be happier for you! can't wait to meet the little guy!

Robyn (pams sister) said...

my little nephew is the cutest baby in town.... But maybe not as cute as his big cousin.... just kidding they both are cuties.... I am so happy for you guys.... I can't wait to hold him..... I am actually an aunty thanks to you guys...... Well keep in touch.... can't... scottie says give the baby a kiss from him... enjoy him while you can they grow way to fast... just yesterday it seemed like scottie was that little and now all of a sudden he is starting first grade it is crazy... well love you guys.... XOXOX from little david favorite aunty

Princess Buttercup said...

I'm so glad we could help in some little way. It was great to finally meet the little guy--I'll try not to steal him (for now!). We've definitely fallen in love with him though!