August 8, 2006

Today's the Day!

Ok so it's 4am. I know what you're thinking - WTF are you doing up at 4am? Well I can't exactly sleep. I can't say that I even slept much at all. I know that right now I am wide awake and its 2 hours before we even call the hospital to find out if they can take us at 7:30 or if we should wait until noon. I think I will die from anxiety if I have to wait until noon.

In any case - with great anticipation we should have a baby by the end of the day today! I will be interested to see how much further along we are from our last appointment a week ago. I am at least hoping that all the walking we did paid off a little.

Since there is no internet access at the hospital we will post the big news as soon as we are back home - probably by Thursday night - Friday at the latest. Not sure how I will survive without the internet for two days...but I suppose I will be occupied by other things (wink).

Just for fun - the Doc and I think that he'll be born at 3:30pm today and that he'll be 8lbs 6oz (and I have stuck by my 8lbs even - no 9 pounder please!). I only hope that the induction will work that fast!! And can you say EPIDURAL?!

Wish us luck and send many happy thoughts our way as we get ready to welcome the little guy into the world!

*6:30 edit: I just called the hospital and they're busy and told me to call back at 8am to see how they're doing then...not sure if I can keep up with all this waiting, waiting waiting.....

*8:00 edit: Called again - was told to come in at 9am!! Hooray! Perhaps I will take a quick cat nap for strength!


Jodi said...

Hey Pam,
I am so excited!!! I hope Robyn calls me as soon as little David arrives. Good Luck today and I hope that you are already on your way into the hospital. I have been thinking of you all morning. I have been enjoying reading your blog, I think I may make one or a "My Space". I love you!!! Lots of kisses to you, Charlie, and baby David!! Love me!! xoxox

Anonymous said...

OMG I just checked in to see how you were doing... and I can't believe he's still not here! Actually maybe he is by now! Hope he made a relatively easy debut. Yay, I'm so excited for you guys! Can't wait to meet you, baby David!
love, Darcie

robyn (pam's sister) said...

hey everyone out in bloger land... I checked with my sister at around 9pm and there was still no baby.... She sounded great....Hopefully soon i will be an aunty finally..... I am waiting up for the phone call.... I will post for everyone when i get the phone call..... I can' wait to meet the little guy....