September 4, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me:

So today is my birthday. I am 27 today. How did I celebrate you ask? Sitting on my couch in my normal position with a baby in my lap. We did however get out today to pick up lunch from the Cheesecake Factory and finished our Season Two DVD of House, M.D. - awesome show by the way. I am a slave to David's schedule and wouldn't you know that it's different every day! Did I mention I miss my sleep?! My Dad says that this is more ever feeling like my old self again. Until this child moves out on his own my days of a goodnight sleep are officially over. I don't remember signing up for that! (wink).

At least I got my cake this year! Well it was cheesecake but it's good enough for me!

Oh yeah - and a happy anniversary wish to P. Bride and her man...the days of being a newlywed are now over! Can't believe it's been a year already! Someday this will be you! Wait as long as you can!!!!!!! Just kidding!

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Brian said...

Yeah, so I get the award for friend-of-the-year. I called you today to see how David was doing...totally forgot that it was also your birthday! Well, now you know how Erica feels. I totally ignore her too for Brady, but I don't mean it, really! Happy Birthday PJ!