June 11, 2012

Shaun 4.0

Still can't believe Shaun is FOUR! It was a pretty big week for him starting with last Thursday being the last day of Family Center, followed by the last day of Preschool on Friday.
Shaun's Captain America cupcake to celebrate his birthday with his Family Center Friends
Shaun with his amazing teachers Miss Pam & Miss Tina
Then on Sunday he was officially 4!  He chose to have pizza delivery for his birthday dinner, since Daddy was on call and we couldn't go out anywhere.  After pizza we enjoyed a very chocolatey ice cream cake that was a chocolate cake covered with chocolate ice cream covered with a chocolate fudge.

Needless to say, Shaun was a chocolate mess after, but he loved his cake and he told us before he went to bed that it was the best day!
Chocolate smile!
And since he wasn't quite messy enough, he goes for a second piece of cake!
Today he had his well check and I'm happy to report that he is right on track.  He's slightly above average in height and weight and happy and healthy!  He still has a smile that lights up a room and isn't too big to cuddle with Mom & Dad or randomly come up and give us a kiss!  He got 3 shots today and took them like a champ!  He closed his eyes and squeezed my hand and told me he was BRAVE!

Here are Shaun's stats and compared to David at 4 he is 1.5 inches taller and 1.5lbs heavier!

Height: 40.5 inches (56th percentile)
Weight: 38.5 lbs (71st percentile)

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