July 8, 2012

Independence Day Festivities!

This year our good friends hosted us at their house for a pool party for the 4th! The weather was perfect for swimming and Mother Nature was kind enough to hold off on her stormy weather until we all hit the road home for the night! It's always a good time at the Stack's but of course, my favorite part is always the FOOD!! We had surf and turf that went very well with my new Sangria recipe (Pinterest to the rescue again!!)

We also had some fun lighting our own fireworks and the kids thought it was SO COOL! We have never done anything like this before so the Doc had an interesting time inside the Fireworks store (gotta love NH!) trying to figure out what to get. He ended up getting 2 boxes with 25 shots, and a couple flying bee thingys. Maybe next year we'll get a little more ambitious since we have a little experience under our belts!

Since we were in southern NH for the 4th we missed the fireworks in town. Since I saw how much the kiddos loved them (even Evan!) when we did them, I really wanted to try and find some to take them too. I was psyched when my Mom mentioned that Weare, NH was holding their fireworks on Saturday. Since it was close by to her camp, and we were going to be there anyway we decided to go (my Mom hadn't seen any fireworks either). They had a really cool carnival set up in their center of town and we were able to get really great seats and have time to let the boys play a few games and get some treats before the fireworks started. It was a long day, but they did so well, even Evan who by the end of the show was asking to go to the car.

Here are a few pictures from our various 4th of July festivities!
The traditional July 4th T-shirt picture!
Evan getting a ride in the pool canoe
David woke up to a loose tooth!
Talk about the perfect 4th of July combo
The kids table
I was asked if I was still going to make them do this when they are teenagers...well isn't that a silly question!  Ha!
The Doc and I
The first box of fireworks!
Apparently David was ready for it!
Evan watching the fireworks that Daddy set off!
In Weare, NH for their fireworks and no fireworks viewing is complete without glow necklaces!
Ready for the show!

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