December 12, 2012

Evan Michael ~ Future Superstar

Evan sings all the time.  Takes after his Momma!  He sings in the shower, car, randomly at the dinner table, to help himself fall asleep, when he isn't talking he is probably singing.  I have been trying to get him on video for the longest time, so a few nights ago he found a toy microphone and randomly started singing Train's Hey, Soul Sister and I luckily had my camera handy!

The following night I knew I needed to get a few more of his "songs" on video.  I think he needs to work on his lyrics.  His rendition of Lady Gaga's Poker Face reminded me of one of my first video performances back in the day of Mary Had a Little Lamb, where I sang the same line over and over and over...until finally my Aunt finished the song for me in the background.  In any case, it's pretty darn adorable...if I do say so myself!!

And of course, no video performace would be complete without his version of his favorite song Psy's Gangnam Style.  Hey, Sexy Ladies...

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