January 13, 2013

More Sledding and Cape Cod Christmas!

The last Saturday of our Christmas Vacation we got some more snow!  We were supposed to celebrate Christmas on the Cape but Mother Nature had other plans, thankfully it wasn't a big storm and we were able to meet up on Sunday!  The boys were happy to have a day to play in the snow and get in some more sledding!

Super fast!
Having an easier time getting around in the snow this year!
Sledding with Daddy!
Rolling around in the snow with Mommy!
The boys starting the path for the steep side of the hill!
On Sunday morning after the snow was cleared we packed up the car and headed south to Cape Cod to visit with the Doc's side of the family.  We had lots of munchies and it was just a lovely relaxing day!  A very big thank you to Aunt Karen for hosting us!

Evan is "dancing on the ceiling"
Our family!
The boys with Auntie Kristin
The boys with Omi
Great Aunt Karen and Great Uncle Tom with the boys!

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