May 12, 2013

Evan Michael ~ 3.0

12 days ago, on May 1st (in the wee hours of the morning) our littlest guy turned 3!  This kid has some serious personality.  It's been a hoot watching him over the last year.  He's our most stubborn out of the 3 children, making me a master negotiator these days.  In fact, Kevin Spacey's got nothing on me!

He's so outgoing and friendly and will make friends with everyone and anyone no matter where we are, especially if your a grown-up.  He's already got the principal and many teachers at his brother's school wrapped around his finger.  He loves the attention he gets and he loves to put on shows for everyone.  He's been very verbal from an early age and hasn't stopped since.  If he's not talking he is singing.

Evan has a way to make you laugh even in the most serious moments.  I will never forget the day I was talking to him on the stairs about something naughty he had done.  In mid sentence he took his fat little finger and BEEPED me on the nose!  I couldn't help it, I busted out laughing.

He'll start preschool in the fall and he is very excited!  He'll have the same teacher that Shaun had this year and she has already made him an attendance card so he can practice when we drop Shaun off in the morning.  He loves being a "bigger boy" as he tells us and based on his growth chart percentiles  he's definitely a "bigger" boy!  Evan at his THREE year check up is a half inch taller than David was at his FOUR year check up!

Height: 39.5 inches (89th percentile)
Weight: 36.6 lbs (89th percentile)

 Suitcase packed, ready to have a sleepover with Auntie!

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