August 31, 2013

Back to School 2013

We are official back to school! This year all 3 boys are in school for the first time. I am excited to have the time to myself. I know I will have no problems filling it. I plan to at least walk the neighborhood loop while the weather is nice! This year because I had to do all 3 boys back to school pictures on the same day (previous years have been on different days!), I made printable signs (with some guidance from ideas I from Pinterest and Google).  I also decided to add in the "back to school" interview, for the same reasons every other Mom on Pinterest we can go back and see how the answers change through the years!

David's Favorites
Evan's Favorites
Shaun's Favorites
Back to school really started a few weeks before when we did all of our back to school shopping.  We took a ride to the outlets with Grammy and then to the local shoe store for their new sneakers!  And of course we can't forget those back to school haircuts!  They looked super sharp for the first day, if I do say so myself!  I am looking forward to a great school year and I know they are going to have lots of fun learning and making new friends!
David and Shaun are ready to try on some sneakers!
Evan is super pumped that his new sneakers light up!
Back to school haircuts!
On Tuesday August 27, 2013, we got up earlier than we have in a long time!  I had already put out their back to school outfits the night before so that I could focus on making David's lunch and getting them breakfast!  The boys came down stairs looking super sharp.  We had plenty of time for those annual back to school photos!  After the pictures it was time to head to the bus stop.  Shaun was going to have to wait until the following day to ride the bus since the first day was only a meet and great for preschool and kindergarten.
Ready to head down to the bus!
Evan gives David a big kiss before he heads on the bus!
Off to second grade!
After we waved bye to David, Shaun and Evan and I waited back home until it was time to head into their meet and greets.  Evan's started at 8:30 and Shaun was going to have to wait until 9:35 am.  Shaun wasn't pleased he had to wait, and he wasn't pleased about spending time in his old preschool class for an hour.  I guess he was really ready for Kindergarten.  Evan wasn't pleased that I staying instead of dropping him off, so needless to say, it was an interesting morning!

Evan checking out his new classroom!
He's so ready for this!
Finally it was time to head to Shaun's new classroom.  He's going to have the same teacher that David had for kindergarten!

Shaun found his cubby!
While I filled out some paperwork and talked with his teacher, one of the assistant teachers read him a story!
The boys head to the car after two successful Meet and Greets!
I was so excited to hear about second grade that I met David down at the bus stop.  I usually watch for him from the driveway and let him walk up.  He seemed to have a great day.  He's getting to know his new classmates and teacher.  But overall it was a fun day.

Officiall first day is over!
One more picture with all 3 holding up their signs!
Since Shaun would be riding the bus for the first time on Wednesday, I made sure that we had time to all go down to the bus stop again so that I could capture his first bus ride picture just like I had done with David!  He was so pumped to be able to get on the bus.  Evan was also going to get his wish of being dropped off at school.  He didn't stop asking me what time we would be leaving!  Yes.  It's going to be a good year!

My boys all ready for their second day of school!
Shaun sees the bus!
One quick picture before he gets on!
Evan walking straight into school.  He barely said goodbye to me!

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