August 12, 2013

Our Summer Vacation!

Back in June when Daddy took the week off, we just did some day trips here and there.  This time we had bigger plans! Our annual trip to visit our friends in Maine!  I love, love spending time in the Summer up in Maine!  And now that the kids are all older, we're able to actually relax and enjoy ourselves while the kids all play!  Before heading to Maine mid-week though we did take one day trip to the Lost River.  The boys loved the Polar Caves so much that we thought they would enjoy the Lost River too.  I have to say having been to both places now, the Lost River's caves are more fun and required more "skill" to get through, including one that required the army crawl to get through!

Our vacation officially started the day of the boys birthday bash, which also happened to be our anniversary.  Since we didn't really have any formal plans this year for our anniversary we decided take a drive north and try something in the Lakes Region.  I have been really wanting a good lobster roll and so I hopped on Yelp to get some ideas.  I found a place with good reviews up in Laconia and so we took a drive.  The place was just OK.  The scollops were good, but my lobster roll was not.  It definitely was nothing like I used to get at Belle Isle Seafood in Winthrop, MA.  Oh well.  But the boys were excite because they spotted a Pirates Cove on the way and begged us to stop on the way back.  So we did!

It was a nice evening and it was not crowded at all.  The kids had so much fun and even though I was winning for the entire first half, including getting a hole in one, I still lost to the Doc by ONE stroke!  Evan didn't really get the game, but had fun trying.  So you can imagine his delight when he actually hit a hole in one.  We were all jumping up and down for that one.  It turned out to be the lucky shot of the night winning us a free game.  He still brings it up even almost a month later!


Tuesday August 6, 2013

Tuesday was our trip north to check out the Lost River caves.  The boys had so much fun climbing through all of the caves and seeing all of the waterfalls.  It was a really nice day, not too hot and not too cold.  The layout is really quite amazing.  And the views from the top are gorgeous.  I imagine it would be a very popular place to check out

Welcome to the Lost River

David checking out some of the rock crevices.
Shaun had fun climbing all through the caves and on all of the rokcs
Daddy helping Evan with all of the stairs!

Wednesday August 7, 2013

Wednesday was the day we were heading to Maine.  We planned to meet up with our friends and check out Funtown Splashtown USA for the first time.  The kids would hear the commercial all the time on the radio and asked when they would have a chance to go.  We would head back with our friends at the end of the night.  We planned to get to the park for when it opened and since the water side closes much earlier we would spend as much time as we could in Splashtown, saving Funtown for later.  It ended up being a good plan because it was pretty crowded and even though it was cool in the morning, the sun eventually came out and it was nice to be in the water.

The kids had a blast on both sides of the park and because they had so much fun we ended up staying until the park closed at 9pm!

Where the American family comes to play...
Sunscreened up and ready for some fun on the slides!
Waiting in line to ride the Magic Carpet!
Watching Daddy ride on Poseidon's Plunge  
Enjoying the Aquaplay area!
Bumper Boats
Antique Cars
The kids were not impressed to stop for a picture.  They wanted to hit up more rides!  Lucky for them my  water camera died right after this!

Thursday August 8, 2013

Thursday ended up being a very much needed, very low key day!  Even on vacation it's nice to have a detox day!  Especially after getting back to our friends house at 11:30pm the night before.

Friday August 9, 2013

David is 7!  He got to celebrate with his friends and he even got a candle on his pancake!  It was a washout of a day so we headed to Bangor to Maine Jump, and place filled with different inflatables and then we took them all to see Turbo.  The kids loved it and it got us out of the house during the massive downpours.  We finished the night with a cake and sang to all the kids since we were not able to get together for everyones parties!

The Big 
Birthday Pancakes!

REAL rockets!  BEST. GIFT. EVER!
Everyone make a wish!

 Saturday August 10, 2013

And it wouldn't be a trip to Maine without our annual trip to our friends parents house on the lake.  I absolutely love spending time on the lake and the kids always love jumping off the dock and getting to ride on the boat!  We got did surf and turf because I have decided last year that it's just not a trip to Maine without eating a Maine lobster!  I am already looking forward to next years trip!

It's not summer until I get this picture!
Ready for a boat ride!

Shaun jumped off the boat into the lake again this year, even though it was much colder than last year!
Daddy and David did too!
Evan and I enjoying the boat ride.  He wanted to snuggle to keep warm after jumping off the boat into the cold water!
Finishing the day with some ice cream!

Sunday August 11, 2013

Our last day in Maine was rocket day!  After David and I went along for the ride to Maddie's horseback riding lesson, we headed over to the middle school to shoot off the rockets that they got David and Shaun for their birthdays!  David enjoyed seeing the horses and even got to help groom one.  He was begging to take some riding lessons but honestly after seeing all the flies and bees, I think he realized it probably wasn't going to be for him!

Shooting off the rockets was very cool.  We thought we lost two of them but they were found quite a walk away in someones front yard!  We have all the stuff to shoot them off here we just need to find a nice big open space and a windless day!

Checking out the horses
Maddie waiting to start her lesson
Helping to groom the horses
Evan gets a lesson how to set the trigger off!
Shaun ready to launch his rocket!
David's rocket, his goes WAY high!
After we did the rockets and had lunch we took the kids down to the rocky beach out in the back of their street.  The kids skipped rocks and looked for snails and baby crabs.  It was the perfect way to end our trip!

The kids found this cool "jail" as they called it.

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