November 13, 2005

Hey It's like they say, right?

To follow in I.A.'s posting footsteps I too am going to write about a commercial. Today I am going to feature the Las Vegas commercials. The commercial opens up with a women who looks as if she is upacking from a trip she took.

Enter husband/boyfriend (it isn't made clear but I put my money on husband) who says "Hey honey did you girls have a good time in Vegas?"

The women, with a look of guilt, says "Oh....yeah....Oh look Versace", picking up some pants, "and Tiffany", pointing to her earrings, flustered and with the look of I hope he's buying this lousy story.

Then the guy says something like "oh you girls and your shopping" and walks out of the room. The last scene shows the women looking extremely guilty and almost relieved - he won't find out I cheated because he thinks I was shopping.

Cue the text: "Our fabulous shopping can be your alibi"

Great so the moral of the story is: It's ok to cheat on your significant other while in Las Vegas because hey - "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".

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