November 2, 2005

No turning back now:

We have begun the process of redecorating our house. We are starting with our living room. The entire place was painted white so last night we bought the paint and started taping the walls. Tonight we started with the tinted primer which was recommended by the nice guy at Home Depot because we are using Regal Red (red is the most difficult color to paint apparently) which can show through on a white surface. The top will be Quiet Veranda all colors made by Behr Paints.
So we have the before picture: That is the wall to our half bath. next picture is the taping process. That's the Doc working hard separating the wall with tape (eventually a chair rail will be installed). The next process was to begin using the primer (which is scary because it makes the walls look magenta). Painting is hard work. Too bad Evan Farmer and Andrew Dan-Jumbo aren't here to make it more interesting. So it is now 10:00 pm and we finished with the primer and I think it's going to look great. Hey if Adam Carolla from the Man Show can get his own home improvement show on TLC - I think the doc and I should too! Look even Trot our cat wanted to get in on the action! Until the next phase in our redecorating project...

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Princess Buttercup said...

I'm sure the end result will be great, and then I might even quit my job and move in with you guys, but only if I can bring the man, and our babies--though you might not want your cats being jealous that they're not as cool as Simba and Darla the Great.

If you don't feel like finishing it you can always dress up like Strawberry Shortcake and it will be fine. Actually I have a VicSe outfit you could wear (The Master, the Hub, and IA know what I'm talking about!)

The Princess Bunny