November 24, 2005

Iron Chef Showdown:

When he was a young boy living in the small village of Plaistow, he was never really good at sports; in fact, most would say he threw like a girl. He decided to take up cooking. He perfected his skills cooking GOLABKI (gaw-WUMP-kee), PIEROGI (pyeh-RAW-ghee) and other fine polish dishes like JAJECZNICA (yah-yech-NEE-tsah) learning along side his mentor and guide Maria Stackimoto. As he grew older under the tutelage of Maria Stackimoto, he would watch and learn, perfecting his techniques while never leaving her side. In 1997 Chef Stackimoto felt he was ready to branch out on his own. He packed his bags saying goodbye to the small village he had called home. He headed to the city, the very intimidating Bostonushima. There he felt he couldn’t think clear, during the weeks he couldn’t come up with new dishes. He decided he would have to go back to his mentor on the weekends; it was the only way he would get inspiration.

After four years in Bostonushima where his cooking skills were sadly influenced by double fried food and globs of ketchup he realized he wouldn’t be able to become the master chef he always dreamed unless he moved back to the tiny village from which he came. Chef Stackimoto now resides exactly 1.34 miles from his mentor along with his wife and baby boy Bradysan. His current influences, along with Maria Stackimoto, are the effeminate chef Alton Brown and blood curdling Rachael Ray.

Look for his appearance on Iron Chef in the coming weeks where he will battle the plucky Chef Wicksanaka.


Princess Buttercup said...

Ooh the tension is so thick. I still nominate myself as a hungry impartial judge. Bring on the food war!

Brian said...

Bring it on Sophie.