October 31, 2005

Effin' Septa*

My mode of transportation to work everyday is on strike. Apparently they don't want to pay for their health insurance. WTF?? I work for the effin' insurance company and we all pay. The Doc is an effin' doc and he has to pay...what makes the bus driver so special. The last strike was 7 years ago and lasted 40 days. Lucky for me right now the Doc is doing an outpatient rotation so we can carpool for the time being - although it means he has to get up with me (he is more than thrilled). This should be interesting.

*Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority

1 comment:

Lexi said...

Ah, you're truly a Philadelphian now. And they wonder why no one takes SEPTA. Aaron and I plan to find an apartment, then house as close to work as possible so that we can just walk. Thank God Philadelphia is a wonderfully walkable city.

At least this time it is a somewhat legit concern. The strike 7 years ago (which literally crippled the city) was over the fact that the union didn't want it to be an automatic dismissal if a person came into work drunk or on drugs. Awesome.