October 6, 2005

I'm No SuperMan:

But apparently Nick Cage's kid is - click on this link: Nicolas Cage's Super Baby. Nick Cage and his wife welcomed a son into the world and are calling the poor thing Kal-el. For those of you who aren't a comic book geek (sorry, Iyaz), that is the name superman is known as on planet Krypton.

So what's the deal with the celebrity baby naming? OK, I understand that there are a lot of Jessica's and Johns' in the world, but COME ON PEOPLE - naming your child after a fruit, musical instrument (yes it's true some actress from Six Feet Under named her son Banjo) or comic book superhero is a bit ridiculous.

Yo Stacks follow suit - if it's a boy name him Wolverine and if it's a girl name her Powder-Puff.


Erica Stack said...

I don't think we'll go with either of those names, but I'm becoming desprate so watch what you put up here because it may become a name. alas the great name debate is still brewing

P. Sophie said...

Hmmm....I don't think anyone has named a child after a piece of furniture before - you guys could be the first...

Be put on the map w/ Desk or Couch Stack - Lamp could be the middle name - I like it - it's even unisex!!