April 12, 2006

Celebrity Name Game:

Gwenyth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin (lead singer for Coldplay - for those who don't know) welcomed a baby boy over the weekend. In a surprising change from using fruits to assist in the naming of their child they turned to the bible. His name - Moses Martin.

What is the deal with this celebrity name game? Apple, Coco Riley, Moxie Crimefighter (I wish I were joking) and Banjo are just some of the weird names that celebrities have used to name their children...what ever happened to Mary or Mark?

I wonder if the Doc and I are boring choosing David for our baby's name. Thoughts? Comments or am I alone thinking that it is weird.


I.A. said...

My thoughts:

As the owner of a "weird name," I think it's a mixed blessing. It's an instant ice-breaker, but then again, having the same conversation over and over can be annoying.

P. Sophie said...

I don't think that YOUR name is "weird" - your parents didn't name you after a vegtable or a musical instrument. Your name is just ethnic. Now unless your real name is Turnip and you've had the wool over my eyes this whole time then yes your name would be weird.