October 10, 2006

Shots and Little Old Ladies

Today was David's two month check up at the doctors office. His latest stats are: 12lbs 15oz & 22.5" all within the average standings! My peanut is getting so big. He also had his shots today and he was a champ! The first one didn't phase him but the second two had him a teensy bit upset! He was fine after about 30 seconds!

Before his appointment I gave David a bath and like always he started to cry...you can tell from the picture he's not real fond of the tub. The nice thing about today though was he stopped crying after a while instead of crying the whole time...maybe he's finally getting used to his tubby time!

The weather has been gorgeous recently. I even turned my A/C back on today because it's so warm....with the exception of Friday and Saturday of last week it has been pretty warm...high 70's. So we usually just keep David in a onsie so he doesn't sweat to death. Well wouldn't you know that twice last week while at the supermarket two old ladies felt the need to comment..."he's going to catch cold" or "don't keep your stroller closed up he won't get any air"...Um hello...it's not air tight or anything...

I am sure they mean well but it's annoying...First of all I cover his legs with a blanket and second babies are no different than you or me...the rule of thumb is if you're comfortable then the baby is comfortable...but thanks for saying I am a bad mother...

Oh and if you see a woman pushing a baby stroller around at a store...don't ask if there is a baby in there...of course there is you dumbass...I mean no there isn't - I just like to push baby strollers around stores because it's fun. Go buy yourself one of those t-shirts that says "I'm with stupid" only change the arrow so it points up.

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