August 26, 2015

David 9.0

This handsome boy turned NINE at the beginning of the month.

Today was his well check and while he is still on the smaller side (compared to his brothers who are always on the bigger side), he is growing, happy and healthy!  Nothing wrong with that.  He did however, fail his eye chart test and is now officially being referred to the optometrist.  That appointment will not happen until October, so the jury is still out if he'll need glasses.

In less than a week he'll be starting FOURTH grade!  He's planning to add the cello to his repertoire this year and has really taken off in his piano.  For his birthday this year we got him a GoPro.  He's had fun making videos.  Now he just needs to sit down and try and learn how to edit those videos and create fun action movies.

Checking to see how tall!
Failing his eye chart test!  We'll be scheduling an eye exam very soon!

Not amused that his mother is snapping pictures at the doctors office!

Height: 52.5 inches (47th percentile)
Weight: 61 lbs (41st percentile)

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