August 30, 2015

Kristin & Erik's Wedding Festivities!

On Saturday August 29th our family got a little bigger when my SIL got married!  It was a great weekend of fun and a beautiful wedding on a beautiful summer night.  The boys looked so handsome and we're so happy to welcome our new BIL to the family.  The boys adore him and so do we!

On Thursday the boys got their haircuts so they could look sharp for the wedding.
Looking sharp!
Then it was off to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  It was our first time seeing the place and it's a stunning location!  The boys will have special jobs during the ceremony so we decided to get them suits.  They are going to look so handsome!

Evan hanging out in the empty hall!
Enjoying the views!
My handsome boys!

Practice makes perfect!

Someone was starting to get a little HANGRY!

Beautiful night!

After the rehearsal was over we headed over to the dinner place.  We hung out as long as we could but it was already getting late and we had to make sure the boys had a good night sleep so they would not be cranky at the wedding!
Happy Wedding Eve!

The next morning we drove down to and I was dropped off at the Salon to meet up with my SIL, MIL and her future MIL.  We grabbed some lunch while we got our hair done and then it was off to the reception hall for the main event!

The ceremony was beautiful.  I didn't have my camera with me during the ceremony and because she had hired a professional, I was happy to put my camera away for a little and enjoy the festivities.  Of course I couldn't resist snapping a few of the reception, but I was good about not being "that person" and stayed out of the way so the professionals could get their shots!  There is nothing worse to a wedding photographer than the random guests who stick their iPhones out into the aisles!

Our table!

Our handsome boys!
He cleans up nice!

My beautiful SIL

My lovely parents!
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He's got moves like Jagger!
Oppa Gangnam Style

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