September 11, 2005

Charlie Weis

I went to a small private college so I never got into the college football scene and well the Doc went to BU and they decided to can the football team because the money would be better spent on women's lacrosse. So suffice to say - neither one of us watched that much college football - that is until Charlie Weis became head coach of Notre Dame. Yesterday we watched Charlie Weis and his Notre Dame Football team beat #3 Michigan in their house, the week before they beat (or more appropriately crushed) #23 Pittsburgh 42-21.

It came down to the last 5 minutes but they held on strong with two calls reversed in their favor everything fell right into place. I am ready to jump on that bandwagon and see Charlie Weis pull a Pete Carroll - just remember you don't HAVE to throw the ball on 3rd and 6.

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The Doc said...

Not only was it third and 6, but they were supposed to be running the clock out. Only Charlie Weis would pass in that situation, and of course, the QB threw an incompletion.

And don't knock women's lacrosse - it wicked awesome.