September 12, 2005

I'm Afraid it's Not All Good:

As some of you know - I am still recovering from a bout laryngitis and have had a tickle in the back of my throat all night long. Three times I asked the Doc if he would be so kind as to get me a glass of water. Three times. Now what do you suppose the outcome of this was - let's just say it went a little something likes this:

P. Sophie: "Hun, can you please be so kind and get me a glass of water"

The Doc: ... {silence}

P. Sophie: getting up myself to get a glass of water - "You know how hard would it have been to get me a glass of water. I cook you a nice dinner and this is the thanks I get..."

The Doc: "I let you live in MY house"

P. Sophie: blank stare for about a minute "Oh, it's like that is it."

The Doc: "Yeah it is."

Revenge is will be mine - sleep lightly tonight.


Brian said...

Do you need me to come to Philly and teach you what is expected of you as a "wife?"

Dinner, clean house, and well behaved kids. Thats your job!!!


P. Sophie said...

No Brian - in your case - I am afraid that is your job.

We know you can't sit still until all the dishes are washed.