September 20, 2005

More of the Legend:

So I just got home from work and realized that I am a slob. God bless the Doc who married me in spite of this personality flaw, but now it is starting to annoy me. My sink full of dishes, laundry EVERYWHERE, bills, junk-mail, soda cans all over the place.

So the first step is admitting I have a problem - done. Now this is the weekend that will all change (I hope). I wish I was a neat person - I am sadly not and as the Doc is well aware - I am not Holly Homemaker. What is the secret to being a neat freak? Please help me.

1 comment:

Brian said...

How long before you guys can afford a maid. I'm thinking that is probably your best option right now....

I've known you for years. Since the day I first went into your bedroom...I knew what a slob you were!