September 6, 2005


The Stack's have 44 days to come to an agreement over the name of the baby. As we have witnessed over the weekend that isn't likely to happen any time soon. If the baby is a boy one wants the name Brian, Jr. the other does not. Who will win? Well it is obvious to everyone except the one who wants Brian, Jr. - so since we know it won't be Brian, Jr. the Doc and I came up with the name Ya-Noush. Now the correct spelling is beyond me - I am using the phonetic spelling so that people can actually read what the name is supposed to sound like. It is Polish for John. Stack is polish so it fits perfectly. As I have told them before - imagine all of us at the Agganis Arena for a Terrier Hockey Game shouting Ya-Noush - Sieve, Ya-Noush Sieve, Ya-Noooooush, Siiieeeve. You get the idea. The battle continues - it is funny to see "Brian, Sr." put up a fight. I think it is cute that he actually thinks he is going to 'win'. We shall see. 44 days and counting.

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Brian said...

For the record, the correct spelling is Janusz.