March 1, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day (better late than never!)

I am finally getting around to editing my February folder of images and came across all my Valentine's pictures and decided to make a blog post about it.  We'll just forget the fact that it's been a good 2 weeks since Valentine's day has passed!

I love celebrating Holidays, even of the Hallmark variety!  This year we had lots going on during the week leading up to and after Valentine's Day.  The boys had celebrations in school as well as our new playgroup and our old playgroup parties!  We also started a new tradition this year.  A friend of mine shared pictures of her family all dressed up fancy for dinner celebration at home including a fancy dinner menu, complete with Chocolate fondu!  I thought it was such a nice way to celebrate that I decided to start this with my own family.  It was so fun and the boys got a kick out of eating dinner in the dining room.  We had an Italian feast with eggplant and chicken parm, with pasta and homemade sauce and homemade garlic knots.  It was delicious.  Next year I would like to plan something even a bit fancier, but this was a last minute plan!

On Tuesday we had a Friendship party during Family Center.  They got to make up some cards and put them in their friends boxes that they made the week before and we had some cookies and I brought some special cupcakes!
Strawberry flavored mini-cupcakes with sweet tart hearts on top for Family Center
Shaun showing off his Valentine from the Family Center Friendship party!
Evan showing off his Valentine's Day Tee

Wednesday we had to get the boys Valentine's ready for school.  Even though Valentine's day was on Thursday, our Thursdays are pretty crazy with the boys both having music class so we decided to celebrate on the day before.  After the boys finished their treats for their classmates we headed upstairs to get ready for our special dinner.  Omi was over for a visit so she helped me with the boys so I could prep our dinner.  She also helped me get a nice picture of them all dressed up!

Dinner was delicious, but I'm quite partial to my sauce and eggplant parm has become one of my favorite comfort foods!  The boys love having spaghetti so it was definitely a big hit!  After dinner I gave the boys their Valentine treats, from the Granite State Candy Company.  They each got a heart shaped chocolate lollipop and then we all shared a heart shaped box filled with different samples of candy.  I am already looking forward to doing this again next year!  
Shaun working on his Valentine cards for his class
David working on his Valentine's cards for his class
The boys 2013 Valentine's Day cards
Dressed up for Fancy dinner
Me and the boys all dressed waiting for Daddy to get home for dinner
Bellies are full and so it was time to share some special Valentine's Day chocolates!

On Saturday morning we headed to Revere to celebrate with all our old Rec friends for the annual Valentine's Day brunch, where we get to wear our jammies!  The boys had lots of fun making Valentine crafts and eating heart shaped pancakes!  Miss Sally's parties are definitely a good time!
Ready to head to Revere for the Valentine's Day brunch
Valentine's Day tattoos
David's heart shape cake to decorate
Evan checking out his Valentine's
My boys!
So, whether or not you think this is one of those contrived holidays made up by the greeting card, chocolate and flower companies, you have to admit that there is something special about setting aside time to celebrate love and friendship!

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