May 19, 2006

Fraggle Rock - Complete First Season

I can't believe it! Fraggle Rock on DVD! I LOVED this show!!

Dance your cares away, (clap,clap)
Worries for another day.
Let the music play, (clap, clap)
Down at Fraggle Rock.

The Doc and I were at Best Buy tonight so that he could buy a new X-Box 360 game since he just beat Oblivion*. I always like to peruse the DVD section and saw this DVD!! The Doc was like - "YUCK! I HATED that show". ARGH! I am married to a Fraggle hater...I think that may be grounds for divorce (wink).

I know I am not alone here...who's with me? Who's a Fraggle lover?!

*oh yeah the Doc bought Perfect Dark as his next x-box game...


Brian said...

Sorry, the Doc has a point there.

Princess Buttercup said...

I heard too many cousin jokes.