May 3, 2006

The Nursery - Phase 2

Here we are at phase 2 of the soon to be nursery! As I mentioned before our plan was to take out the carpet and add a pergo floor. I suppose we kinda cheated on this part since we hired someone to do it. We figured the extra $250 bucks was worth knowing the job was done right!

The first picture is the before. We were able to knock $80 bucks off the price for taking the carpet off beforehand. It was kinda neat - I have never done anything like it. The next picture on the right is the mat that goes under the carpet. That was stapled to the floor - my job was to pull all the staples off the floor with a wrench! Fun! Now as you can see in the other pictures below the floor underneath the carpet was nasty!

Once the rug was completely off we just had to wait for the guys to come today. They arrived at about 11:30 and were finished in about an hour and 15 minutes. A job that would've (had we tried) taken us most of the day if not longer. We're not as skilled as Brian is when he tells Erica "It will ONLY take an hour"!

As you can see from the finished photo on the right - the room came out awesome! I am so happy we did this!!
The cost was a bit much but it looks so good it was worth every penny! The next phase will be the decorating! I'll have to wait a month for that though since that is when our baby shower is! For now I will enjoy my new floor!

1 comment:

Brian said...

It came out nice.

I could have gotten the floor in for you, though, in an hour.