July 15, 2006

A Baby Story: 24 Days to Go!

Here are a few things that I would like to share as we near being considered full term:

(1) Movement - Function: noun
  • The act or an instance of moving; a change in place or position.
  • A particular manner of moving.

  • Something that I will NEVER take for granted again. You don't realize how easy it is to sit up from a lying down position or stand from a sitting position until your belly has taken over and your girth is massive and cumbersome. Or when walking (or should I say waddling) has become so arduous that people stare and laugh at you as you make your way across a street (I won't mention any names...eh-hem the Doc) because you look like a penguin. And forget about bending over to pick something up off the floor. If the Doc isn't around and it's not important - it stays right where it is. Unfortunately it does me no good when it's my work ID badge that I dropped on the elevator floor while making my way to my office yesterday morning. Thankfully I wasn't alone and the nice lady riding with me took pity on my gargantuan size and picked it up for me.

    (2) 90+ degrees, six blocks of walking to meet the Doc so I don't have to ride the bus home (yeah I know it makes no sense - but that's how much I HATE riding the bus) and no shade equals jumbo ankles; the biggest the world has ever seen. Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture until a couple hours later when most of the swelling had subsided but let me assure you (and you can ask the Doc to prove it - he loves making fun of my "kankles") they were impressive.

    (3) Just when I thought that I couldn't get any bigger - well check out this belly. It's as if I grew bigger overnight. More stretch marks have emerged. I could knock someone out by just using my belly. Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked someone so hard that his foot broke the speed of light - Chuck Norris tried to roundhouse kick me in the belly and his foot was sucked in and lost for all eternity - he is no match for my pregnant belly.

    You can also see how much it's dropped since the last belly picture at 34 weeks. That is a good sign - maybe we'll have a July baby instead of an August baby. Random people at my work say that I am going to "drop" this baby any minute now. They also can't believe I have three weeks to go, although I have been listening to this for about two months now. People just look at me and say "Wow" - Yeah I get it I look like Shamu - we already established that from the last post.

    (4) To Pee or not to Pee - I pee at least 10 times a day and that's no lie. Sometimes I just feel like I have to pee but there is no pee. They say that getting up three to four times a night to pee is natures way of preparing you for when the baby arrives. You know, because instead of peeing you'll be attending to the baby. You know what I have to say about that....well let's just say it's not appropriate for this blog.

    (5) I am feisty these days. I have an extremely low tolerance for stupid people. I have an extremely low tolerance for the heat. I have an extremely low tolerance for just about anything. The Doc thinks it's funny so he likes to push my buttons. He will pay once I have the energy.

    (6) The cats got a sneak peek at what it is like to have a baby in the house but I am sure they have already forgotten the scary "creature". In the meanwhile they have called dibs on the Pack N' Play. Oh silly cats - you have no idea that your world is going to change. Run to your hiding places now and don't come out for at least three years.

    Well those are my latest updates. Our next appointment is on Monday when we will officially be full term!


    Brian said...

    Lord, thank you so much for making me a boy!!!

    Yeah, I'm all set with the pregnancy thing. If I were a woman, I'd be adopting for sure.

    So, I see the cats are enjoying the pack-and-play. Are you worried about how they'll take to David?

    the anonymous curly haired girl said...

    My goodness girl! I don't know how you do it! Good luck with the last few days and with the blessed event! I hope to see you guys sometime soon and that includes baby too! ttfn