July 17, 2006

A Baby Story: A Retrospective

We are now full term at 37 weeks. I thought it would be fun to go back to the old pictures I have taken and do a pregnancy retrospective. The first picture on the left is me at 17 weeks. It seems like so long ago. I can't believe how short my hair was. That was also back when being pregnant was cute and fun!

The next picture on the right is me at 24 weeks. I was still not too big! I still enjoyed being pregnant and even started to feel him moving around. It was when there was plenty of room for him to move so he was able to play gymboree using my bladder as a trampoline!

Moving on to 27 weeks the picture to the left. At this point I was starting to feel more and more uncomfortable. I was getting bigger and swollen. I stopped wearing my wedding ring at this point because some days it was too tight. We started working on the nursery assembling some of the furniture.

Moving on to the picture on the right is me at 30 weeks. This is when the nice doctor kindly told me to switch to carrot sticks instead of the sweets I craved so much. I decided that I wasn't going to listen to the nice doctor and continue to eat my candy, chocolate cake and ice cream! The time to eat healthy will come after the baby is born. I mean what other time in life do you have an excuse to eat as much as you want and gain this much weight. So I say - ice cream it is!

Last we have the 36 week picture or as I like to refer to as - the Shamu picture. Pregnancy is no longer cute or fun. I am too big to do anything. I get winded from moving across the room into the kitchen. I do not feel bad when I whine to the Doc that I need another soda or glass of water. I am going to enjoy being lazy until this baby comes out and I don't feel guilty at all because we both know who will be the one getting up to feed the baby and change the baby and rock the baby back to sleep. Me. So in return I get to enjoy these last few weeks being a spoiled pampered princess who gets rides to work and back rubs!

Today at our appointment we found out that David is in the head down position and so hopefully he won't turn back! I have yet to feel even a single Braxton Hicks contraction at this point but he has dropped so who knows what nature will decide for our little guy. Will we have a July baby or an August baby! We know that we would like him to come no later than August 5th. The issue is that our doctors are very conservative when it comes to inducing and they won't unless they see some changes. Which they may or may not check next week. So your guess is as good as mine. We do know that they don't let you go past 41 weeks. Until next time!

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