December 3, 2006

Smiling to Fussy in 3.6 seconds:

SmilingIt's been a week since our trip to NH and we are finally getting back to our routine. Our little David was spoiled rotten in NH! I think the only time David wasn't being held was when we were driving around or when he was sleeping. He was so spoiled he if we put him down he became what we refer to as Fussy McCrankypants.

On Monday I dropped him off to daycare and told the assitant director that he was spoiled by all the family and I have a funny feeling that he may be a fussy pants. Sure enough when I picked him up I heard a baby crying and said "That's my baby!" The teacher said he had been like that all day and nothing they did would console him. Fussy McCrankypants
They are not used to him being like that because usually he is such a happy baby at daycare!! Tuesday and Wednesday were better and by Friday he was back to his old self laughing and smiling! Thank goodness!


Brian said...

He kind of looks like Dad in the second picture, wouldn't you agree?

Princess Buttercup said...

He definitely resembles his Mom in the first--that's a P. Soph smile all the way!

Princess Buttercup said...

The proof is in the pudding--venture to my blog to see for yourself!