August 29, 2005

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun*:

That is me all dressed up for Saturday night's Bachelorette's Last Night Out Party. It was a blast - we partied until the sun came up.

We started off slow with a drink at a club called Our House. Then it was off to Joey and Maria's Comedy Italian Wedding. Good food, good show and some interesting happenings. The Bachelorette (aka The Princess Bride) was accessorized with a bachelorette tiara, white feather boa and wearing the shortest skirt known to man - and there were several men trying to get to "know" it better. After the show we moved onto the Limelight for some karaoke. Nice place but the bar was really lame - it was basically only beer and wine. I was underwhelmed - but the singing was fun and we rocked the house.

Next we decided to see about getting into the Liquor Store - apparently they have a mechanical bull - when we got there the lines were way too long and since Boston closes so early we couldn't wait around. We took to the streets to work on the Bachelorette's scavenger hunt. At this point she still needed a picture on a sports car among some other things. Once most of the list was finished we stopped by a pub to get some more to alcohol. NO LONG ISLAND ICED TEA!! I couldn't believe it. Ah well a kamikaze shot it is and the weakest Malibu Bay Breeze ever. As we sat drinking Miss Bachelorette realized there was one more thing on the list we just had to get and that was a stamp from a strip club.

Boston only has Chippendale's on Friday nights so we would have to settle for a regular strip club. Centerfold's was a couple blocks away but it was already 1:45am and they close at 2am. She hailed a cab and we rushed as fast as we could, but we were too late. Last call was at 1:45am. We sat outside the club waiting for the rest of the girls to meet us and begged the bouncer to let us in. All we wanted was a stamp or ticket so she can check it off her list.
    Bartenders and bouncers in Boston are nothing but a bunch of cheap ass effers. No free drinks or entrances to clubs. As we waited we saw large groups of men leaving the strip club and that is when we met our new friends - a group of guys out on the town for a Bachelor party. We asked them how the show was and they said it was great. We told them they wouldn't let us in and if they could help us out with some stripping. They obliged and that was all it took for us to crash their Bachelor party. Off to Beacon Street for a friendly game of Beirut - otherwise known as Beer Pong.

    Nothing like Pabst Blue Ribbon to end a fantastic evening! I have to say since it was my first time playing, I was pretty good - I can't wait to play again! 4:45am and time to go home - it is Monday night and I am still recovering.

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