August 24, 2005

Upcoming Events:

Two more work days until my vacation. It is going to be a fun filled week as we head back to NH. Let's see there is a Bachelorette Party on Saturday, Sunday will be for recovery from Bachelorette Party, Monday we will visit with family as we stay at the in-laws (what can I say it's free), Tuesday we head to Lebanon, NH where we will meet up with my old boss and visit with some old co-workers, Wednesday is PFL FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT NIGHT. Pictured is our league trophy "The Drew Box" currently in my possession as the current champion. Then Thursday is a free day of relaxation before we head to Springfield, MA for the main event - The Princess Bride's Wedding Spectacular!! That is on Saturday - then Sunday is THE GREATEST DAY OF THE YEAR - it's my birthday!! That's right those in blogger land - mark your calendars - September 4th - I will be 26 (on a side note - one month and a day after that is I.A.'s birthday - he wants a voltron...for me, cold hard cash in small unmarked bills).

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