August 13, 2005

I "LOVE" this Guy:

Yeah like that could ever happen...

Tucker Carlson, who is most famous for his bow ties and his showdown with Jon Stewart on the now canceled CNN show Crossfire, is at it again. His new target - Greenpeace.

After the demise of the 'debate' show Crossfire, using the term debate show loosely, MSNBC offered Tucker the opportunity to be the host of his own show The Situation with Tucker Carlson. I cannot say much about the show because I have never watched it nor will I ever watch it, but I can say that he is up to his old tricks again:

On the June 22 edition of The Situation, Carlson, during a discussion about nuclear power, praised France's energy policies, and called himself "objectively pro-France."

"You know, France blew up the Rainbow Warrior, that Greenpeace ship in Auckland Harbor in the '80s. And I've always respected them...," Carlson said, per MSNBC transcripts of the show.

Interjected guest and Air America talk host Rachel Maddow, "That made you like them?"

Said Carlson: "Yes. Yes. It won me over."

As if being called a dick on national television wasn't enough for this guy. Greenpeace is calling for MSNBC to fire him and cancel his show arguing that his comments can be linked to promoting terrorism. MSNBC had this to say:

In a statement Friday, MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines said, "In no way did Tucker Carlson condone terrorism. Tucker's show is an opinion program and the opinions expressed are his and not those of MSNBC."

Opinion or not MSNBC, he is still a host of a show on your network. In any case I am all for firing this bow tie wearing prick- where is the petition and where do I sign.

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I.A. said...

Wow. Well, if you want to start a petition go to: You can start a free online petition there.

I'd start it, but I think you deserve to be the first person to sign it.